Who says easter eggs need to be pastel?

In Mexico, Easter is mostly  a religious holiday, but as every other North American holiday we have embraced the fun bits and make them our own.

I haven’t lived in Mexico since 2006, and back then I never saw easter eggs in a super market. Now my family tells me it’s full of bunnies and eggs and I imagine the egg hunting tradition will pick up too.

My husband’s nieces were very young when I moved to Montreal and it was here that I experienced the egg hunt for the first time. My father in-law is a master at hiding the eggs. We had entire mornings of peace during brunch while the girls hunted away.

Mexican easter eggs

So with my new found passion for drawing I made a set of  mexican easter eggs. These are 9 eggs in png format and a couple of motifs at high resolution (300dpi) and suitable for print. I think they would make great stickers or a nice collage.

Each one of these graphics was hand drawn, scanned and processed in Illustrator. I have them a bit of a hand painted feel to them. Most of the inspiration came from motifs and colors of modern Mexican decor.

They’re available at my Etsy Shop