When to Paint?

I have been listening to a few podcasts about focusing or getting rid of distractions. Usually this topic comes up again and again at the same time each year, same with articles and podcast episodes about social media sabbaticals and reducing time online. It’s an inevitable cycle.

The strangest feeling is when you actually disconnect for a few days and then you come back to realize how nothing stopped, everyone continued to do the promotional dance, everybody continued to post everywhere and yet you missed nothing.

We went camping for a week. I’m not the biggest fan of camping but it’s in my husband’s blood, so every summer, I have to suck it up and sleep in a condensation-vessel which is our tent.

We went to the beautiful Acadia National Park in Maine. The spectacular landscapes were just what we needed. We walked and hiked and slept like logs and sat for hours in front of the fire with nothing else to do because we don’t like to read with a flashlight, so we drank wine and we talked.


I took my Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook and my Winson and Newton Cotman watercolor set but I packed no expectations. I thought I would doodle, experiment with color and just allow myself to ruin some pages.

At one point two ladies emerged, these two were drawn entirley from imagination (and are the result of a lot of practice and assignments) but they are the first two that I feel truly mine. I drew one in the sketchbook and the second one in a cheap Strathmore Watercolor pad.

Freedom. No expectations, no online distractions, no way of comparing myself, no reference images, nothing. Just nature, paper, watercolors and a brushpen.

Today I scanned the two portraits and I put them up as prints on Society6. I made a print myself in my home printer and they both look lovely. These, I decided, will be part of an ongoing series titled A Strange Charm…


Find her here




Find her here