Client Words

Stefan Forter

Working with Luisa was a great experience. I felt involved in the development of my website, like real team work, she had a great workflow and we managed to complete the site right on time. I appreciated the screencasts with all the tips for maintaining my site after the project was done.

Josée Lafrenière

I had a one-on-one training session on WordPress with Luisa Nino. I appreciated her deep understanding of the subject matter and her ability to tailor it to my needs. Her step-by-step approach was clear and hands-on. In a few hours, I went from having never even looked at a WordPress interface, to feeling like I could manage the basic upkeep of my website myself.

Pilar Marin

Luisa has taken care of our e-commmerce website, social media presence and newsletter building for years. We are extremely happy with her service. It allows us to focus on what we do best: sell books, serve schools and promote hispanic culture in Canada.

Liberty Lausterer

Luisa has a unique gift for combining the creative and the practical. She created the most exquisite illustrations for my website, and helped me to think about a site that would meet my professional needs. Luisa exceeded my every expectation, and has given me a strong foundation for fulfilling my professional dreams.

Lauren (Etsy customer)

Love this collection! Little Eclectic Studio Shop is so fabulous to work with — the work is unique and really adds an extra touch to any piece. So impressed!!