Types of creatives

As I was avoiding large chunks of ice on my way home last night, I thought of a classification for creatives.

So far I’ve come with four:

  1. Creatives that have been practicing their art, discipline or craft since they were very young.
  2. Creatives that experienced a difficult episode in their life and used art or craft to get through it.
  3. Creatives with really good taste but that are waiting and waiting and waiting for the chance to try to produce something of their own.
  4. Creatives that  love to experiment with nearly everything that crosses their path and so they never create a consistent body of work.

This is interesting to me because depending on which type you are, the road to finding self-expression will be different.

The first two types have probably a lesser struggle producing their work, however I don’t necessarily want to go through a difficult time just so I can produce some form of art.

I can say with certainty that I’m the type 4 creative with a dash of 3.

For these two types, we can avoid ‘wasting time’ by identifying where we are. There are hundreds of books, classes and people who are trying to tell us how to be more creative, and if you get sucked down that rabbit hole you will become an expert in techniques on how to be more creative but you will not be more creative yourself. You will not produce more, you will not be prolific or grow as an artist.

I know, I’ve been there. And often I slide there still.

In my fall through this rabbit hole, I have become more and more critical of the online class offerings that have invaded the internet.  I don’t want to encourage anyone to spend hours watching a class that is not going to help them advance in what they want. I want to change the ratio of consuming vs. doing, so if I recommend a class it’s because I did the projects and I made something with it. At least if you see a recommendation from me, I can back it up with the work I did.

What type of creative are you?