Procreate and Me

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ve been hesitant for as long as I can remember. It all started with electronic music. Kraftwerk and the long history of technology as a means to make art. You see, I’m stubborn and until recently a snobbish purist. I was a lover of “the right way to do things”.… Continue reading Procreate and Me

How to Start Drawing

Let’s say you want to draw or paint. Where do you start? You might Google the most basic question: how to draw? You might go to the library or browse through Amazon. You might get the book Drawing On the RightSide of the Brain, which I did and of which I only completed a couple… Continue reading How to Start Drawing

The Art you Want to Make

The best feeling about making art is realizing that there was nothing there, and suddenly, there is. There was no drawing, no painting, no photograph, no essay, no story, and suddenly, there is. The second best feeling is to know it was exactly what you needed to make. This second feeling does not happen through skill alone.… Continue reading The Art you Want to Make