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  • Lessons from Five Years of Making Art

    Lessons from Five Years of Making Art

    You know when you think you’re putting all your efforts towards something but then that something wasn’t the right thing? This has happened to me over and over.  As a good student/citizen etc. I wanted to follow the rules, work hard, get results.  I would research like mad, take courses, make lists, plan, etc. But […]

  • The Art Advice I Keep Hearing

    The Art Advice I Keep Hearing

    For the past few years I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts searching for clues, paths, assurance but most of all, company. We know that art students have the environment where they connect with teachers and other students and they spend four years doing art full-time. The self-educated artists have to go it alone, and unless […]

  • Procreate and Me

    Procreate and Me

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ve been hesitant for as long as I can remember. It all started with electronic music. Kraftwerk and the long history of technology as a means to make art. You see, I’m stubborn and until recently a snobbish purist. I was a lover of “the right way to do things”. […]

  • How to Start Drawing

    How to Start Drawing

    Let’s say you want to draw or paint. Where do you start? You might Google the most basic question: how to draw? You might go to the library or browse through Amazon. You might get the book Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain, which I did and of which I only completed a […]

  • How the Creative Independence Guide was Created.

    How the Creative Independence Guide was Created.

    It started with the nagging feeling that I was, in fact, not creative. That I couldn’t call myself an artist. That I could not make my ideas click. I read so much about creativity, watched documentaries, listened to podcasts, and I went from one thing to another, trying to make something that felt original and […]