The creative process

The term hand-made or hand-drawn is widely used even by illustrators and artists that work exclusively with digital means. When I started drawing I wondered what was the value of sketching on paper if you had an iPad, or why should anyone keep an illustrated journal if you could take pictures. All sorts of silly thoughts crossed my mind. I clearly didn’t understand the creative process at all.

I’m talking early 2013 when I started drawing spheres and cubes because I thought it was the only road to learning how to draw.

Now in 2015, I finally get the term hand-made or hand-drawn in an era of crazy powerful apps to create artwork.

Hand-made or hand-drawn means you started with the most basic materials: pencil and paper. And from there it grew into a gigantic array of possibilities.

The products shown above started with a bouquet of flowers my husband gave to me on Valentine’s day.



On a very cold Montreal winter day (-35 celsius) I decided to pull out my sketchbook.



Which then invited some watercolors and gouache  into the mix



Which then turned into a sort of painting in strong fiery colors because I’m from Mexico, I can’t help it.

Photo 2015-02-18, 9 20 10 AM


Which finally turned into a pattern



Which then turned into those lovely products you can see above. My favorites are the duvet  and the leggings.


It was a magical creative process. I can’t wait to do it again.

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