Leggings survey

Survey and Giveaway!


Well, time to open the blinds a little bit.

For the past few months I’ve been working on a personal project which was born out of my fascination of body movement and the movement of  paint.

I don’t like traditional forms of fitness but I do like to move, what I love most, is to stretch and move in my own vital space, sort of a moving meditation, mixing a bunch of things: Tai chi, Essentrics, Trampoline and some 5rythms dance.

What happens after moving like this is different than what you get after working out in the traditional sense. For once, it marries creativity of movement and it frees constraints, it makes you quite aware of the space you occupy and it forces you to think of metaphors: Arms move like waves, branches, leaves, ribbons in the wind… legs move like seaweed, or they root themselves while your torso moves slowly like a willow tree, things like that… maybe it’s a bit silly but when I become blocked because I’ve spent too much time forcing myself to be better, be faster, be MORE… this is type of movement makes me focused and calm again.

On the other hand, working from home creates a few not-so-good-habits. I want to feel energetic even if I just have to haul myself from bed to my desk and I don’t want to give myself excuses for not moving. So in this spirit, I have started to design a line of leggings that can be worn as every day work-from-home uniform and as movement inducers!

I have made myself a couple of these to be able to sit on the floor, go up and down the stairs  (I forget my phone about 100 times per day), to do a little spin and stretch to Bomba Stéreo, or a few downward dogs and lately, my favorite thing to do, courtesy of Movement Muse is to sit and get up from the floor in as many ways as I can.

I work and move enveloped in vibrant colors, born from a creative session on a particular moment…

My main challenge is to arrive to a cohesive design and for this I need your help! I created a survey with a few questions that will help me fine tune my designs. Some are watercolors, some are collage and some are digital. These will be limited edition, with only two seasons per year.

I want them to be lovely.  These leggings will be made in Montreal, Canada, including the fabric, so no overseas, cheap-labor will be used.

Would you be willing to respond to my survey and if possible share it with your friends?

Once you do, you can enter a giveaway of a pair of leggings of one of my designs.

Leggings survey

The giveaway will take place on March 8, International Women’s Day!
No purchase necessary.