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Golden doodle watercolor illustration

Oh Dog!

The deposit had been made. We were going to get ourselves a Border Collie. We researched breeders and we found one who checked all the boxes: member of an association, approved by the provincial laws, etc, etc. But a month before the puppies were born, […]

Watercolor Hare by FlowArte

New Watercolor Work

Back in February I decided to take a break from FlowArte and watercolor. Being self-taught, finding a style has been quite difficult. I love it all! I love pencil, crayons, ink, collage etc. So I went on a tangent and gave free reign to whatever […]

Flow Arte Onyx Glade scarf

There is money involved

The interviewee said: “It’s weird, I love doing my job, I could do it all day long but the second someone offers to pay me for it, it becomes work and so all the procrastination mechanisms become activated”. I can’t remember which podcast it was. […]