The FlowArte Creative Guide Vol. 1


This guide focuses on bringing together what you want to do and your personal artistic expression. It’s not about selling, licensing or monetizing your work (yet). It’s about the step before which is to cultivate your artistic independence and your voice.

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What’s included:

  • This is a 30 page PDF download.

Inside you will find:

  • Reflective prompts to help you find your place in the art vs. creative path.
  • Getting to know your artistic soul.
  • How to discover what you WANT to create instead of what you think you should.
  • Create a Personal Art History chart
  • Choose the themes you want to explore
  • Why you shouldn’t show your work (yet.)

And much more.

This is the guide I wish I’d had when I started.
Once I had some drawing skills I thought I had to have them all and spent years learning things because I thought I had to.

I wanted to give myself the art school coaching I didn’t have so I created my own.

Here is a sample:


What people have said:

“This is a great journey, I would never have thought to use the wheel of emotions to give me direction in my work”

-Alex, Ontario

“When I looked through my sketchbooks I was never delighted, now I know why. This is a guide to work with slowly.”

-Claire, Quebec

“If you enjoy deep reflection, this guide makes you go deep!”

-Sophia, U.K.

The content is wonderful. Not fluffy, not written by a life-coach wannabe.
I loved the real-ness of it, the do the thing because you do the thing aspect.
It made me feel very analogue (in a good way). And I also found it very inspiring!

-Julie, Nova Scotia