Art Studio Notion Template


A Notion template for your art practice: keep everything in one place and see your work evolve. Share easily, keep track of your supplies inventory, your daily practice, resources and more.



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This  Notion Art Studio Template  is divided into the following sections:

-A short mission statement
-General Information: Your artist bio, your artist statement and websites
-A quote for your weekly reflection
-Studio tasks database
-Project Template (same template that is available on its own here)
-Art Journal that is also available separatel
-Inspiration Wall History
-Research and Inspiration database
-Resource Collection
-Visual Vocabulary Guide
-Art Supply Inventory database
-Pop-up Gallery Database

It’s your art studio in your pocket, view your information in many ways, always have your bio, statement and other tidbits of information on hand. Keep track of your daily practice. Reflect on what you are doing and find patterns and new ways combining all you do!

It’s recommended that you  know the basics of Notion including relational databases, creating columns, views and filters.