Email and Chat Support for Artists


Mentorship, Guidance and Encouragement for Introvert Self-Taught Artists.

A 4-week program to help you develop an art practice with meaning.



Mentorship, Guidance and Encouragement for Self-Taught Artists.

What is included in the 4 week package:

  • Email support: Ask me questions about materials, techniques, themes, existential conundrums or difficult feelings that arise from your art practice. I will write personal emails responding to your questions. Going beyond what you could get in a Facebook Group or a community that consumes too much time.
  • Three 60 min. co-working sessions. If you’ve been putting your art to the side, we meet via Zoom. We say hello, we say what we are going to be working on and we dedicate time to it. Even if it’s to create colour swatches, test out materials. Anything that can move you forward. At the end of the 60 minutes we check-in.
  • Sharing my archive of collected prompts, books, assignments, manifestos and artist’s point of views, all geared towards building your own body of work.
  • The Creative Independence Guide Workbook.
  • Additional Worksheets

Who this is for:

  • If you’ve done all the courses, all the tutorials, bought all the materials but you are not producing the work you want.
  • You are producing tons of work but you are still dissatisfied with what you are making.
  • You find you have so much to say, and yet, you are not managing to convey it.
  • Do you want to be a commercial artist or do you want to be an artist? Sometimes we’re trying to be one but actually we are the other.
  • You live  busy life but you are keen on nourishing an art practice that evolves into something that is uniquely yours.
  • You feel hurt and discouraged by competition.
  • You are an introvert. Prefer 1 to 1 and no small talk!

Who this is not for:

  • Those who want to monetize their work quickly.
  • Who want to launch an art business right now.
  • Who want to be an artist but do not want to do the work of an artist.

Available in English or Spanish.

Questions? Ask away! or via email:

What people say:

Luisa has helped me a lot to establish again a daily drawing habit after so long without doing it. She has given me useful advice, a lot of tips and encouragement while sharing her knowledge with me. She is really easy to talk to and I opened to her really quick. I’m so happy to have been able to have her as a mentor. Thank you a lot, Luisa!

Núria, Spain