Art Project Box – A Notion Template

A Notion template for organizing your art or creative projects that have many moving parts.

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“I start every dance with a box. I write the project name on the box, and as the piece progresses I fill it up with every item that went into the making of the dance. This means notebooks, news clippings, CDs, videotapes of me working alone in my studio, videos of the dancers rehearsing, books and photographs and pieces of art that may have inspired me. “Twyla Tharp from The Creative Habit

This template acts like the proverbial box. If you are an artist and you tend to scatter your material, research, references, tasks and the rest, this is a template for you.

One page with all your projects.

Each project with distinct sections and databases:

  • Project description: In your own words, which will help you later on when  you want to talk or write about your project
  • A main reason for taking it on, so you can keep it top of mind
  • A section for the idea-dump which you can easily transform into tasks or actions
  • A task database per project so you don’t get mixed up.
  • A research database pertaining to each project
  • Versions database or W.I.P. if you will. Document the project each step of the way, (you never know when they’ll want to do a documentary about you :)).
  • A database for your final versions. No more looking for that RGB 300 dpi file in your hard-drive
  • A clippings database, because when you are roaming virtual museums you might want to capture interesting findings.


  • You can use the Free version of Notion, however if you want to upload full resolution images you will probably need at least the Personal Pro Plan.
  • Also, you need a basic understanding of the app, like how to use the Notion clipper, how to use databases to create different views and use filters.

Here is an overview of the template:

Questions? Don’t hesitate to email me!

You can also read my article on Notion for Creatives


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