Preparing for Florence

Everything is timing and everything comes at the right time. At least that's one of my positive beliefs. I don't have many of those. I'm more of the existential type, but life has proven this one over and over.

Florence would be just another tourist destination for me if it wasn't for my recent drawing practice. I'm going to Florence to draw. I'm not a seasoned sketcher, I'm pretty much just starting. I've battled with being seen drawing in public, I'm uncomfortable when someone notices I'm observing them a little too intently (sunglasses are great, just ask Karl Lagerfeld). What you observe is unknown to everyone else.

But, Florence.

It's been nearly 16 years since I visited the first time, during my catastrophic backpacking adventure. I think I was in Florence for a few hours only, famished, exhausted, depressed because I could only afford a slice of pizza and not a gelato. I was impressed by the women and men so beautifully dressed, riding their bikes or their vespas.

This time, seeing is the primary task, the objective is to capture, scribble, practice and feel the city in a completely different way. My husband will take the pictures, I will try to draw. Draw and draw.

The architecture will be challenging but not as challenging as drawing people.
I'm not fast. How could I be if I started to do this in April.
I started drawing geometric shapes, then I started to scribble in features, then hair. Proportion is always a challenge.

In preparation for Florence I've put the paint away for these last few days. I'm concentrating on ink and a water-soluble penbrush.
Someone recently told me to concentrate on drawing. I find it sound advice.

Today, a few exercises in people sketching.
People Sketching
Some people sketching to warm up.

After Florence, we return to Montreal.
The real challenge begins then, finding the time to keep creating and being prolific when real life takes over.

Every day I believe that art happens simply when you stop postponing it.

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