People Portraits

Here is a helpful photo guideline for custom people portraits so you can choose or take an adequate reference.

  • Please send high resolution photos: clean, clear, not pixelated. Phone photos are OK but please make sure they are not blurry.
  • Please avoid smiling photos where they show teeth. Paintings with teeth look unnatural. A subtle smile is Ok (think Mona Lisa)
  • Avoid close-ups. A good distance allows some negative space around the head
  • DO NOT take a photo from above or in sharp diagonal, this distorts the final painting or drawing
  • Use natural light as much as possible to capture accurate skin tone. Don’t apply filters.
  • Faces covered by harsh shadows, clothing, or hats will not be suitable.

You can always send several photos if you’re unsure. If this is a gift and you have limited photos of the pet, please contact me so I can review them before placing an order.