One watercolor galaxy at a time

Recently we went to see the Aurorae documentary at the Montreal planetarium. We didn’t know there was a double feature and the first one was an extraordinary overview of  the universe titled Dark Universe. Who isn’t fascinated by the sky, the stars, planets etc? Movies like Gravity, The Martian and Interstellar have taken a deeper look at what it means for us to be floating in an infinite space. I think a lot about that but I rarely share my thoughts because in the scheme of things, daily life seems much more complex and deserving of my attention. It’s like the scene in Annie Hall when a young Alvy is worried that the universe is expanding. 

This past Saturday I went to dinner with a couple of friends, one of them is a documentary film director and the other is an engineer. My documentarian friend is filming a movie about the night sky and during the conversation we magically fell into the subject of the universe. It turns out that all three of us spend a lot of time thinking about it, from different angles: one of us is poetic and visual, the other more physics oriented and the other is a storyteller.  I haven’t had a conversation like that in so many years. We spent about three hours discussing our biggest questions, intermingling with how we perceive time, how we accept change, what exactly is relativity, what we believe and what to do with all those thoughts.

I must say I am not a science fiction fan, I like human inner thoughts and reflections more than I like spaceships and rockets but I did appreciate the movie Interstellar. It left me thinking for many weeks after watching it, when I can’t sleep I still wander to the idea of quite possible alternate dimensions.

My friend the engineer is in search of her passion, but she told us that since she was a little girl, she has been obsessed with the fact that when we look up to the sky  what we see is in the past. We encouraged her to get a notebook and empty all her thoughts in there, she is a physics fan, and she wants to go back to school to explore deeper. My friend the documentarian is working on a film that will surely be spectacular, as I’ve been following her process for a couple of years and I have been painting the occasional universe painting.

Today I took one watercolor galaxy painting, and since I’m more monochromatic when I dress, I turned it into a deep blue silk scarf.

Deep blue scarg

You can get one here if you like. I’m getting one for myself and for my mom. It’s just a tiny way of depicting what cannot be captured even with all the imagination in the physical world.