None of “practicing more”

I’m impatiently waiting to finish a class I want to write about here. Finishing that class involves much more than just checking it off my list like hundreds of others.

Something is happening. It has to do with witnessing in myself things I refused to see before, hiding behind the “practicing more until I’m ready”.

It’s so strange to see how we are drowning in a sea of advice. Every blog I read is full of it. And yet, none of it has touched me. And if you’re reading this and thinking about the elusive “someday” none of the advice will touch you either.

The self-help industry is soaring, the life and business coaches are getting our hard-earned dollars. Even in art, when everyone wants to be a writer, painter, designer, dancer or actor but rarely anyone wants to actually WRITE, PAINT, DESIGN, DANCE OR ACT.

The being and the doing seem to diverge in our heads. Make them converge.