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I sometimes wake up between 1 and 3 a.m. I compose long convoluted essays, brain dumps, reflections, disagreements. I let my fears sit with me and sometimes write them here.

Is Etsy Worth It?

Is Etsy Worth it?

I have been crunching numbers. It’s my least favorite thing to do and as a creator it’s twice as painful because through the corner of my eye I can see my brushes and paints calling me. But I have no choice. The question about dropshippers […]

WorkSpace October

Advice for New Creatives

I find it realistic to say that you will only get good at your craft after a minimum of two years of hard practice. Quantity does not mean quality. If you crank out ten drawings,  maybe one is really good, the others were just warm-ups.The […]

Five Things Friday FlowArte April

Five Things Friday

   The begining of my reconciliation with Yoga. A 30 day journey. For years I said I didn’t like Yoga. I first tried it almost three decades ago in Mexico. The instructor wanted us to take a cold shower before and after the practice and […]

Thumbnail studies

One Month in France, week four

I’m writing this from Montreal. The month in France came to its conclusion. We are home. It feels strange to look out the window and see the same sad, post-winter backyards, the patches of snow that refuse to melt. The trees that can’t grow leaves […]

FlowArte Watercolor Trees

Five Things Friday

A belated Five Things Friday post. Getting ready. We´re going to France for a month. My feelings: I hate the airplane, I love France. Life is surprising. Time for delicious coffee, bread, wine. The challenge in France and particularly in smaller towns is to maintain […]

Green Shake Recipe

Five Things Friday

Little by little you climb the mountain. Or something like that. As much as it feels like the weeks are like a sneeze and you can’t see them go by, making this Five Things Friday recap will definitely give me some perspective. Especially when it […]

Watercolor Droplets by FlowArte

Five Things Friday

  There are words in the English language because they are so precise. You don’t need additional articles or pronouns to illustrate a state. One such word is “disarray”. I sit here on Friday afternoon looking at my office/studio, the mess, the chaos. Simply untameable. […]

What does Fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me was something utterly superficial  I judged the people who took it seriously. I don’t shop. Or at least I don’t until I absolutely have to when my clothes look so tattered they’re embarrassing. I haven’t worked in an office in more than 10 years and […]