Never stop experimenting


When you are learning independently, you go to the library and check out a million books, you browse the internet for interesting tutorials and online classes, but there are struggles that pop-up consistently and for which there is only one answer:


My first struggle is color, particularly in watercolors. I’m obsessed and I’m stubborn and every time watercolors want to shun me I come back and try again.

My second struggle is perspective. I hadn’t given it much thought because I thought I’d want to paint mostly portraits but when I decided to join the Urban Sketchers in Montreal and when I enrolled in a comic book workshop, perspective was a much-needed skill. So I started to look for information in my usual places.

However, sometimes,  you need to look outside the field you are immersed in. There are hundreds of books on perspective, hundreds of tutorials from drawing teachers all over the world, but if you ask: who else would need perspective?

I found a tutorial on how to render a stage for theatre, and there it was! My answer! The same concepts that I was breaking my brain over, explained neatly in the context of theatre!

So I followed the tutorial and before long I had finally created a different type of illustration. I suddenly felt the shift. Another door opened.

I drew, inked and scanned my initial drawing and then printed two copies. One I colored in gouache, the second in watercolor. My plan is to print over and over as a practice piece to learn about shadows, values and highlights.

It’s important to remember: it all starts with experimentation. And practice of course.

What is your struggle in your path to art?