Montreal Brunch

Montreal Brunch sketch

One of the most intriguing things I’ve come across is how patient Canadians are when it comes to brunch.

On Saturday I went for a walk along Rue Notre-Dame and stopped to borrow a couple of graphic novels at the St-Henri Library, then went for coffee. Right across the street of a (what I assume is) a trendy Montreal brunch/diner place. The line-up was long. They are willing to wait outside under the burning sun (or freezing cold) for breakfast. I don’t think any breakfast is worth it. I remember in Mexico, the line-up was usually that long but there was no option, there are so many of us. You were destined to wait, always.

I snapped a picture and then proceeded to do a practice sketch. It was mostly to test using sumi ink and transferring this into a composition into Photoshop.

I’m happy with the result, despite the perspective beingĀ  wonky.

Montreal Brunch sketch

You can see the pencil sketch at the bottom, then using my lightbox I added some washes of ink, lettering and a bit of texture.

I have been using several techniques for transferring inked drawings to Photoshop but the quickest I’ve found is this one. Also Dylan’s class on Skillshare is super helpful.

I’m starting to appreciate more and more the joys of using sumi ink to get interesting washes and textures that I can colorize in any way I want. I will be posting some more experiments soon.

Meanwhile, have you visited my portfolio? You can see a few examples there.

Brunch in Montreal Sketch

Finished coloring everything in Photoshop. If you’ve been to Arthur’s in St-Henri, do you recommend?

By Luisa Fernanda

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