Living Small, Slow and Quietly

Dark Flowers

We enter the Summer. This means silencing the information overload and ceasing to participate for the next two months.
I wrote about this in this post. I need it for mental health and physical health.

My eyes, mind, and body are tired.

I’m worried all the time.

One of the most tiring things is to be knocking down my own daydreaming. That innocent human activity that makes you think your brain is actually your friend sometimes.

As an adult, being responsible, productive, sensible, and aware takes over our lives.
When we allow our mind to trickle a dream, the brain switches into a judgmental SOB:

“Who do you think you are? You have so much already. Don’t you see what’s going on in the world? Don’t you have enough? You want more? You want less? You want to be elsewhere, here?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my brain. It’s a tease that dangles beauty in the theatre of my imagination and then suddenly turns the lights on at maximum capacity.

So when I imagined my husband and I moving to the woods near a small town and having my own studio and shop, my brain, helpful as it is whispered: “Ha, you are nuts. You have no money to do that, never will, plus shops are dead.”

But it’s there, in my vision board, it’s in my journals, in my wish jar; in those gestures that remain from my girlhood when I wanted a pet and believing in a god, I would pray I would get my pet.

But it’s like I have to keep my dreams and, dare I say, goals secret from myself. I write them down and then fold them into origami and put them in a jar. I try to squish them when they sneak into my consciousness.

It’s sad, isn’t it? I guess it also has to do with age. Before there was a future, the future is now, and the future is uncertain.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

I’m trying to say that I know that many creators, artists, and small business owners feel the same. How is pottery essential these days? How is art? Who would buy my jewelry? Your creations are bringing a little joy into people’s day. I know that what makes my week soar is getting a small package in the mail that contains a special object or art material.

I tricked my brain into thinking I put away the idea of a brick and mortar shop (which I didn’t… because I want it so much.). S

I have curatorial inclinations, so I’m searching the web for the most beautiful and useful tools and materials I can find, mostly on Etsy and putting them all on this page.

If we encourage other creators to pursue their dreams, ours might just become more legitimate (you heard that brain? I’m allowed to dream.)

If you are a creator or know a creator that makes tools and materials for artists, please point them my way. I want to build a unique catalog of handmade artist supplies.
Let’s stop the Amazon madness.
No more plastic palettes, no more cheap mass made or animal hair brushes.

As artists, we must support independent ethical companies.

Visit my my post on beautiful gifts for artists and suggest creators here!

Independent Etsy Sellers

By Luisa Fernanda

Artist, Illustrator, Cruelty-Free Advocate. Notion Geek.