Learning from Black Creators

Learn from black creators

This is a round-up of classes I’ve taken taught by black creators, each one offers specific techniques and skills. They also go deeper into their creative process. They guide you into their entire workflow and the variety of art you can make with the tips they give can be outstanding.

Unsurprisingly there aren’t that many, at least in the illustration and art categories. These are the ones I’ve watched and kept in my lists.

If you need to take a break from the news but you still want to support black artists you can sign up for a free trial and take a couple of these classes. With their guidance something amazing will come from your hands and your creativity.

No affiliate links in this post. Skillshare offers a 2 month free trial.

By Luisa Fernanda

Artist, Illustrator, Cruelty-Free Advocate. Notion Geek.