In Flow: An Online Artist Residency

Next Residency begins October 30, 2021

Reflect, work, generate, meet other artists.

In Flow: Online Artist Residency is in a five-week program where you do deep work, reflect and talk to other artists who are creating meaningful fine art work and illustration.

Five co-creation sessions including a mini-lecture on creative process and four weeks of thoughtful emails and resources curated from sources outside social and mainstream media.

Discover the work you really want to be making, think deeply about your practice, infuse your work with intention and make it interesting (as opposed to just “nice to look at”).


The next session is in the fall 2021. It’s a small group of 10 artists who work and chat together about our work, process and our journey.

Tuition: $150 USD

(Taxes are remitted to the country where you are located)

In Flow is Quiet Community With other Artists

The Roadmap

Each session consists of a mini-lecture + two hours of deep work+ conversation with other participants.

Sessions take place online every Saturday at 11 A.M. EST (Toronto Time)

Session one:

The definition of “artist”

We will debunk the myths and preconceived notions of the concept and examine one of the most truthful definition of the word”artist”. We will talk about the weight of Social Media and how only our work should have the last word.

We work on the Printable Planner and set our space for the next four weeks.

Session two:

The Studio Wall

Recognize how the energy of art making is different from the energy from instant validation and approval. Why physicality is essential for the artist. Having a studio wall will change the way you work.

Session three

Rituals & Habits without self-coercion

We will examine how artists of different disciplines work. Knowing how different each of us works will free us from the tyranny of over-planning, over-thinking, and believing each piece should be final.

Session four:

Visual Vocabulary Guide

How to examine your work, find the thread that links your sketches to your finished pieces. Learn to work with constraints if you feel unfocused and suffer from shiny-object-syndrome.

Session five

A two-hour deep work session followed by a cozy conversation about materials, process, where we want to go next with our work, what explorations we want to embark on.

Also you have access to:

  • It includes a printable planner to help you establish a practice during the residency and beyond!
  • A non-facebook space to share your work
  • Bonus curated material and resources

Past participants have said:

“This was SUCH a wonderful experience – as a full-time artist & illustrator, I sometimes struggle to advance on certain projects because of all the other work stuff that gets in the way. Having this small little community to work simultaneously on our personal projects was a great source of inspiration and accountability. Luisa also shared some beautiful talks with food for thought and lovely references for inspiration. I loved it and I’d do it again! “
, France
Marie-Noëlle Wurm

Draw with the eyes when one cannot use a pencil
– Balthus

Luisa’s Art Residency is a journey into your art flow, a month to learn about yourself and your art. She gives you brilliant insights, tools and a place to feel relaxed with kindred artists while working on your project—an opportunity to discover unexpected things and be inspired by other people’s journey.
Isa Cienfuegos

If you’re looking for gentle encouragement and support while on your art journey, I highly recommend mentorship with Luisa. I told her what my ultimate goals were and she helped to break down the process down into smaller steps – which resulted in her teaching/showing me the importance of value studies, encouraging me to let go of the “big picture” and start enjoying the process as I worked through learning something new.
She has a really gentle style of encouragement and support, which I really appreciated.

I. J., U.S.A

Luisa is the ‘Brené Brown’ of self-educated artists​.
Teri. M, Ontario Canada

Live the life of art…

Ten Places Available

What is an artist residency for?

It’s a time frame to work on a project determined by you, not what you think you should work on, but ideally, something that you deeply feel you must bring to life. It’s the freedom to work on what you want, but with the camaraderie of other artists.


  • Practice a technique or medium
  • Begin a collection (explore, make studies, read, revise, plunge into your archive)
  • Fine-tune a collection
  • Finish a single piece
  • Work from an art book you purchased and you didn’t get around to do

  • Finish a class you purchased but didn’t do the project
  • Build the foundation of a work-flow (I did this in the last residency!)
  • Generate lots of work without over-thinking
  • Finish an artist book, or zine, or other tangible piece.

Who is this for:

  • You are a self-taught artist and want to nourish your learning while working with others.
  • You are an introvert but you want to connect with other artists in a small setting.
  • You have a project that you can’t seem to complete or begin.
  • You want to make the most of the time you have for your art. Whether it’s an hour a week or an afternoon.
  • You want to experiment, explore, play, without feeling unproductive.
  • You love a good selection of resources to nourish your curiosity.
  • You want a break from Social Media but without feeling isolated
  • You are a full-time artist who craves time to work on your own art (not client work)

By the end of the residency you will have produced enough work to complete your project or establish a consistent art practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the residency/retreat?

More Examples:

  • A finished or nearly finished piece (if you paint large)
  • A series of studies that will become your next collection
  • A completed sketchbook
  • A fully-used pad of newsprint, bristol or watercolor paper
  • Time spent to clarify your subject matter
  • A prototype of a zine, book, artist book, print series
  • Or anything else you’ve wanted to complete or move forward to.

What are the requirements to participate?

A desire to work deep in your art practice and a willingness to allocate at least an hour a day to your work and attend the co-creation sessions. This means you might have move thing around in your day. Probably letting go from a few activities including removing Social Media Apps, setting your phone away from your desk, requesting your loved ones for support.

Do I have to speak during the co-creation sessions?

As an introvert, I know how challenging it is to participate even when we want to. This is why, when we are all in the main room, you don’t have to. You can use the chat.

I will provide some prompts so you don’t have to do ANY small talk.

How much time do I need to set aside each day?

I suggest at least an hour, but if it’s not possible, try to at least work in 30 minute increments.

What If I fall off the wagon and can’t continue my residency due to (job, kids or other commitments)?

If you fall off the wagon, like everything, you can get back on it. Don’t let a feeling of defeat take hold. Every single time you show up to your studio it’s a stepping stone to building a solid art practice.

Also, remember that there are many ways to cultivate your creative practice: reflecting, looking at one painting from a Museum, going through your old work, doing studies, etc. Not everything has to go into the BIG project.

I don’t have a stand-alone studio, it’s difficult to create an atmosphere of focus.

A box or basket with your materials and a drawing board will be enough.
What you do need is a place to stick your drawings to be able to see them. If you don’t have one, a foam board with tacks or washi tape will do. Remember this is only for five weeks (hopefully you will keep going after it’s over though!)


(I love disclaimers because they save us from misunderstandings!)

A note about resources I share:

Resources I share are for people with a curious mind. I choose materials according to how interesting or thought provoking they could be. I do not approach art with a moralistic or inauthentic interest. I recommend a wide variety and diversity of resources. In particular, I’m interested in learning from other people’s creative process. We know some artists are quite the characters and are imperfect, but their work is what interests me the most.

Please consider this:

This residency is intensive, if you are planning to take a class or take on a big project simultaneously, you might become overwhelmed and we don’t want that! We want to protect our space and time so I strongly suggest that you choose accordingly.


This residency is open, safe and supporting of Black, POC, LGBT and differently abled people. I might trip at times and I’m sorry. As a Latina I aim to treat others as I want to be treated.


As an online live experience, I do not offer refunds. You can transfer your place to a friend or family member. If you don’t find someone to take your place, please do contact me if you have any impediment and we can work something out.

Sessions are NOT recorded. The time we are together is a non-negotiable time for deep work and accountability. I will send any slides or resources shared the next day.

Oh yes, and who is the person behind this?
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