In Flow: An Artist Residency


the moment has arrived; an hour or two to devote to your art practice.
It goes by so quickly doesn’t it?

This much needed space for oneself.

But when you sit down you don’t know where to start: the drawing, the painting, the sculpting, the writing in your mind is so far from that blank page or canvas.

ir dry clay sculpture by Flowarte

Luisa is the ‘Brené Brown’ of self-educated artists​.

Teri. M, Ontario Canada

time ticks...

You’ve taken the classes, you’ve bought the supplies, you have that beautiful sketchbook but you seem to freeze, while the clock ticks away those precious moments.

You begin to chase the image in your head and twenty minutes in, it starts to go wrong.

Discouragement begins to creep in. The time to create is almost over and there is nothing to show for it…

or is there?

Make the most of those creative hours

This feeling comes to me all too often and usually my response is: work harder, take more classes, buy better supplies but when faced with my own creative self no amount of skill seemed to help.

I need sessions of deep work, commitment to regular creating hours. I need physical and mental space.

I need a ritual that plops me right where I left off the day before. I need an end in sight. I also need accountability but not the superficial check in via Social Media, nor the ambitious and performance driven nature of a Mastermind.

I need an artist residency.


The only way to change the energy is to begin working.

-Shaun McNiff

Participate in the first pilot program:

Select one project, for example:

  • Learn a technique
  • Begin a collection
  • Fine-tune a collection
  • Finish one piece
  • Understand a medium
  • Review old work and reflect on it
  • Finish an artist book, or zine

This is for you

  • You are a self-taught artist.
  • You are an introvert but you want to connect with other artists. Talking one-on-one with someone is easier than to a whole room. (We will use break-out rooms.)
  • You have a project that you can’t seem to complete or begin.
  • You feel you are working in a vacuum and need  connection
  • You want to make the most of the time you have for your art. Whether it’s an hour a week or an afternoon.
  •  You have questions you want to ask but not in a noisy online group.
  • You want to experiment, explore, play, without feeling unproductive.
  • You love a good selection of  resources to nourish your curiosity.

The Residency will Consist of:

    • Three weeks
    • Three 90 minute co-creation sessions including break-out rooms to discuss with another artist (no big rooms!)
      March 6, 13 and 20, 2021 (Saturdays at 11AM EST)
    • Three emails per week:
      On Monday: Setting the space
      On Friday: Capitulation and Inspiration.
      On Sunday: Relax and replenish
    • A printable planner to help you find the time to work daily during the three weeks.
    • The option to participate in an group exhibition online where you will inform the viewer about what you worked on.  (If you want to show your work).

A note about resources I share:

They are for people with a curious spirit. I choose materials according to how intriguing, interesting or thought provoking they are. I do not approach art with a moralistic or inauthentic interest. I recommend a wide variety and diversity of resources. In particular, I’m interested in learning from other people’s creative process. We know some artists are quite the characters, but their work is what interests me the most.

We begin March 1, 2021

Limited to 10 Participants

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A finished or nearly finished piece (if you paint large)
  • A series of studies that will become your next collection
  • A completed sketchbook
  • A fully-used pad of newsprint, bristol or watercolor paper
  • Clarify your themes
  • A prototype of a zine, book, artist book, print series
  • Or anything else you’ve wanted to complete or move forward to.

A desire to work deep in your art practice and a willingness to allocate at least an hour a day to your work. This means you might have move thing around in your day. Probably letting go from a few activities including removing Social Media Apps, setting your phone away from your desk, requesting your loved ones for support.

As an introvert, I know how challenging it is to participate even when we want to. This is why, when we are all in the main room, you don’t have to. You can use the chat. But we will use breakout rooms of two or three people each so you can discuss with a another artist about your work and your practice.

I will provide some prompts so you don’t have to do ANY small talk.

I suggest at least an hour, but if it’s impossible, try to at least work in 30 minute increments.

If you fall off the wagon, like everything, you can get back on it. Don’t let a feeling of defeat take hold. Every single time you show up to your studio it’s a stepping stone to your goal.

Also, remember that there are many ways to cultivate your creative practice: reflecting, looking at one painting from a Museum, going through your old work, doing studies, etc.

A box or basket with your materials and a drawing board will be enough.
What you do need is a place to stick your drawings to be able to see them. If you don’t have one, a foam board with tacks will do. Remember this is only for three weeks.

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Refunds:  I cannot offer refunds at this point. You can transfer your place to a friend or family member. If you don’t find someone to take your place, please do contact me if you have any impediment and we can work something out.