Friday Illustration and great internet finds

I have started to draw a series of “Ladies”. After reviewing my year in sketch I realized that I love to draw faces but I couldn’t make them expressive. So I will make an illustration every Friday, I’ll explore different mediums and different ways to paint. The only rule is it must always start with pen or pencil.

Today I made a quick sketch this morning.


Then I got to work at my other job.

Finally at the end of the day, I decided to give it a go and color it. I want to practice a bit more digital illustration so I used photoshop.


I like the color very much. I painted it with my mouse. I have been resisting the urge of getting a Wacom tablet.

This week on the internet I read a few very interesting things including this post by Shenee

What internet marketers don’t want you to know

I enjoyed Elise Gets Crafty’s podcast on Pinterest strategies. Very down to earth and doable

Last year it was the bunny that ate raspberries and looked like it was wearing lipstick. This year it’s the parrot with the evil laugh

Did you hear about Lucia? A different kind of magazine

This week my clipart set A Call from Nature was launched and you can grab a sample here. 

I’m currently reading Twenty-eight Artists and two Saints. It is phenomenal.