Watercolor Droplets by FlowArte

Five Things Friday


  1. There are words in the English language because they are so precise. You don’t need additional articles or pronouns to illustrate a state. One such word is “disarray”. I sit here on Friday afternoon looking at my office/studio, the mess, the chaos. Simply untameable. Every time I get up from my chair I look around and the feeling of impossibility takes over. How will I ever be organized or get everything done?
  2. I started the MBSR program. I am going to be meditating each week. During the first session they asked us to reflect on Why we were there. The instructor kept repeating the question and every time I had a different answer until one floated in my mind and stayed there: To stop battling with the way things are. Especially in the world and my surroundings. Like getting angry at my neighbor because he loves to use his snowblower. This ties into what I wrote recently in my newsletter about attention.
  3. Transitioning into plant-based eating. Thanks to Veganuary I am now really making an effort. On Sunday I walked 50 minutes in the cold to go get diary-free products like “yogurt” and cream “cheese”. Made a fabulous soup  and a vegan bolognese pasta, despite my cooking challenges. The change has made me feel so good emotionally.
  4. I flipped through the pages of a sketchbook I started at the beginning of 2017. I’d used about 15 pages only and I drew a portrait on page 16. If you ever doubt that you are getting better at your art, try that. Get an old sketchbook and draw in the next available blank page and then flip through it. Boom! Confirmation that you have made huge progress.
  5. I lost my Photoshop Presets, my Spotify playlists, my favorite podcast app stopped working… so I make new playlists, new presets and I discover new podcasts.

Do you do #fivethingsfriday?