Five Things Friday


  1.  The begining of my reconciliation with Yoga. A 30 day journey.
    For years I said I didn’t like Yoga.
    I first tried it almost three decades ago in Mexico. The instructor wanted us to take a cold shower before and after the practice and to push our bodies to the max. Needless to say I never went back. Later on, I went to a studio in Montreal and the instructor was far from engaging. I was not able to do the poses while the person beside me was basically standing on her head. Plus the inflexible person that I am just made me proclaim: no, yoga is not for me. I also have very fragile wrists so any downward dog was automatic pain. On an off I’ve tried different versions, videos, DVD’s from the super slow to the crazy power yoga type.
    But since I spent a month sitting in a tiny Airbnb in France my body  becoming a stiff broom, I vaguely remembered someone mentioning Yoga with Adriene and I looked her up.
    She has managed the impossible. I’m starting to like it. It’s almost crazy. I appreciate her super laid back style and of course, her co-teacher Benji is adorable.
  2. Reducing Social Media.
    I decided not to participate in any more challenges, though many have crossed my path and I’d love to take them on, not least the 100 day project. But I knew it was not the right moment for me. I’m currently using an app called Cold Turkey Writer and it’s been a life-saving tool. You enter the number of words or minutes you want to write without interruption and it blocks the entire screen until you complete your goal. You can’t do anything else. If you are a writer, I totally recommend it.
  3. Opening my sketchbook from December.
    The groundwork is there. Sometimes it’s better to work without an intention and then come back to it a few weeks later (or in this case three months) and feel your jaw drop because hey, not everyone has a perfect workflow but you did make progress!
  4. A wander
    My favorite kind. No destination, just pick a direction and go. A couple of years ago I got Keri Smith The Wander Society.  I used to do it regularly until we got Boris. Wandering with him doesn’t get you very far. He needs to sniff and pee on every tree and fence. But Friday I stepped out on to St-Laurent Boulevard and picked a direction up or down. And took off for about two hours. It was freezing but it felt so good.
    5. Reading from my eclectic personal library, from a turn pager to a biography. Books simply contain happy pills.


By Luisa Fernanda

Artist, Illustrator, Cruelty-Free Advocate. Notion Geek.