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Five Things Friday

A belated Five Things Friday post.

  1. Getting ready.
    We´re going to France for a month. My feelings: I hate the airplane, I love France. Life is surprising. Time for delicious coffee, bread, wine. The challenge in France and particularly in smaller towns is to maintain a plant-based diet. Too much cheese! I hope there is a farmer’s market near where we’ll stay.
  2. I purchased Mark Taro’s latest book. The second I saw his direct watercolor paintings a couple of years ago I was obsessed. He’s my favorite watercolor artist, period. Take a look at his mastery. Thanks to him, I think I’m ready to graduate to fine artist grade paints. One of the biggest myths about watercolor is that you shouldn’t use pigment direct from your tube or paint, that you should mix everything. Well, not if you use paints that are made of two or three pigments. Most fine artists will say, noooo! you can’t you have to use one pigment and mix your own colors. But Marc has taught me (through his blog obviously) that you can use paint direct from the tube, but not just any paint.
  3. I read The Human Predicament by David Benatar. This is the most important book I’ve read in almost twenty years. However, it is a heavy, dark, pessimistic philosophy and not for everyone. After I finished it, the crack in my heart had become a fault. But there is comfort knowing that someone else out there can eloquently say what I’ve been thinking for more than twenty years. After a few days after finishing it, recognizing moments of beauty and spontaneity became easier. This, coupled with my MBSR is giving me a different perspective altogether. Still have a long way to go though.
  4. The second discipline that inspires tremendously besides visual arts is dance. I had the privilege of seeing Margie Gillis’ Viriditas last Friday. I’m still under the enchantment of seeing three women of different ages, express every possible emotion just with their bodies. I sustain that I am a frustrated dancer.
  5. A meditation retreat, though technically this was on Saturday, I’m writing this on Sunday. As an introvert I have no problem spending hours or even days in silence. In fact, that’s how I enjoy being with people the most. The year I did NaNoWriMo, the most productive days were when I joined a writing group where everyone was hunched over their laptops typing away. There is an energy that covers everything when a group of people are doing the same thing in silence.