Color palettes

Five Things Friday

I spent six days almost completely at home, except for a few hours on Tuesday when I went to my MBSR session. That’s a record even for me and my solitary tendencies. Though my husband works from home often and we’re in our respective offices, not leaving the house for so long seems unhealthy, but is it really?

Or is it one of those things that most people find difficult and strange and so they advocate for “leaving the house” even if the entire city is a block of ice and walking is hazardous. I’m not exaggerating. The temperature went up, it rained quite a bit and then the temperature plummeted and so cars, windows and houses woke up in a shell of ice.

icy window

So here we go.

  1. I did my Body Scan meditation in the subway. I never thought I’d be able but I did it. I felt every inch of my body, I saw my thoughts as bubbles. Ten minutes is all it took. It is quite a feat to manage not reading, not looking at the phone,
  2. I opened my commissions page. For the moment, I’m offering personalized scarves, but soon I will offer other items. I’d love some suggestions!
    FlowArte Scarves and Leggings
  3. I spent a good part of Thursday building color palettes. Sometimes I get the feeling I’m trapped in the same combinations or influenced by other artists a bit too much so I turned off the internet, grabbed a stack of magazines and created a few mood boards. Up until now I’ve relied heavily on Pinterest, but as we all know, it can be quite unproductive and directionless as it’s the algorithm that suggests similar pins, you are not really choosing and observing.
    Color palettes
  4. I watched M2M documentary about Fashion in the 90’s. The documentation team did an amazing job. It’s so good in every level: it allows us to see creativity from every angle, from trendsetters to followers. For example how at one point all the luxury brands had to turn to the street for inspiration. Even Valentino! I’m not a fashion consumer, but I love the creative and historical aspect of it.
  5. I cleaned my office/studio. This might seem like procrastination but I was at a point where I couldn’t function. I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that kept piling up. I don’t allow myself to use the common spaces of the place I live in. I tend to claim a space/room for myself and I jam it with everything I consider mine. So at this point I was drowning. I did it the Marie Kondo way and I battled quite a bit with shame in the process when I saw right there in front of me, how much money I had spent in art supplies that were going bad because I wasn’t using them. How I bought another mechanical pencil when I had eight already. But also, I recognized how much work I’ve put into my development as an artist. Piles of old sketches showed me that I have come a long way.
    Cleaning the studio

This weekend we’re going back to the cabin. I will bring fewer things this time. I’ll attempt to keep up with meditation and I will try to write a little bit.