Fear of the new sketchbook

Yesterday I went to Montpellier with a very specific mission: to buy a wonderful sketchbook for my visit to Florence at the end of August.

Getting to Montpellier isn’t very adventurous but it is a bit of a long ride.

I wanted to visit Le Géant des Beaux Arts, a fabulous Fine Arts chain store in France. The sketchbook I wanted, after reading through all the sketchbook reviews possible was the Fabriano Venezia. I also wanted a nice watercolour brush and a few drawing pens.

My visit was successful and not so expensive, I did wind up buying a tiny Winsor & Newton travel set too because, why not? I’ve been complaining about my Sakura set being too opaque and not layering nicely on paper. So I got a nifty Da Vinci brush made of squirrel hair and a Da Vinci flat brush.

Those are for my fashion illustrations, for sketching on location I’ll stay with brush pens for the moment.

I had my sketchbook! I couldn’t wait to get home and crack it open, make a first drawing. I would probably begin with a little Fashion sketch and then I might attempt to draw a street scene or something.

It is unexplainable and yet perfectly logical.

New sketchbook

The next day after my shopping spree I spent all day eyeing my Fabriano Venezia, wrapped in it’s plastic film.

In the morning I spent a few hours coding, doing Photoshop work and following an online class.

In the afternoon, I finished writing and revising a blog post.
At three o’clock I decided it was time to draw and paint. I looked at my sketchbook and decided to do laundry.

While the washing machine completed the cycle, I thought I would write a long email to a friend.
“After this email I will draw” I thought.

The laundry was done, I hung it out to dry.

I decided to go on Twitter. View my “Watch Later” list on YouTube.
Ok, I said, it’s time.

I put the sketchbook on my desk and suddenly I said, wait, I want to change the front picture on my website.
So I did that.

Then I decided to fold the laundry.

When I finally got around to drawing, I did not unpack the Fabriano, I took my little pocket sketchbook and drew the cover of this month’s L’Officiel.
Next, I looked at the old Moleskine that still had a couple of blank pages and decided to draw my kitchen.

It’s 9 p.m. and the Fabriano is still in it’s plastic film.