Everything you learn serves a purpose

Comic books are a new to me. Despite the fact I live in the home town of Drawn and Quarterly, I was never particularly attracted to this art form… until now.

Bande Dessinée

If I look in my notebooks I will regularly find small “comic book style” drawings that depict certain situations I couldn’t really write about. Either because too many words would destroy the intention and humor or because it really can’t be communicated in any verbal way.

Of course, the movie American Splendor opened my eyes to the medium. I didn’t know who Harvey Pekar was or Robert Crumb. For me comic books were the classics: Zorro, Donald Duck, Archie, Charlie Brown, Garfield, Calving and Hobbes, but none of these comic strips made me actually purchase any books.

American Splendor changed that and I started to find many comic book artists who were publishing their strips online. I discovered many authors when visiting the Drawn and Quarterly bookshop and I started borrowing mountains at the library.

This year, after yet another camping trip in which I became a slightly less neurotic version of Harvey Pekar, I started to see every situation as a possible comic book strip. From washing the dishes to waking up with a spider on my face, to all the small things that make camping so hard to endure, humor started to take a bigger place. I started to scribble everything that popped into my head, however snarky, dark, silly or at times desperate and by the end of the trip I decided I was going to make my comic book.

So what do I really know about comics or graphic novels? Very little. But as the title of this post suggests, you got to use everything you know if you want to begin a new adventure.

I’m currently taking a workshop with Jimmy Beaulieu. After spending many months taking online classes, it was time do an in-person workshop. It’s insane how easily we choose to remain behind a screen.

This workshop is like secret door to realms of creativity I hadn’t even thought possible.

Isn’t that the best? To be introduced to a new universe and not only in one language but in three! I’ve never been happier than when I realized I could enjoy film, music, journalism and books in French and now I can go crazy with La Bande Desinée.

So everything I’ve learned, from Sabina’s Foundation Course, to Sketching People in Motion and countless Skillshare classes, will be quite useful in  for the comic I have to create for this workshop.

A character


This is a project of pure joy I don’t aspire to do anything beyond my own little universe. It’s almost an experiment in completing a project.

Montreal has the Expozine event every year. This year it will take place on the 14 and 15 of November.
If you take a look at last year’s participants you will know the weight of the indie publishing industry in Montreal. Click around, you’ll find real treasures here.