Plateau Mont Royal Street Art

Escaping my house

Since I started to work from  home I’ve run into some of the bad habits that come with this new working mode. One of them being that, since we moved out of the Plateau and down south-west of the city, I tend to take less leisure walks. I’ve stayed indoors way too much .

Today though a bit of snowfall we went over to  the Plateau Mont Royal.  I lived there for the first six years of my life in Montreal.  I walked a lot, I never used the metro. I loved leaving my apartment for half an  hour, walk down any street,  see people, do some window shopping, grab a coffee and then go back home.

We took a long walk from Place des Arts up to Mont-Royal and sadly, this bourrough is pretty worn out. Dozens of empty store fronts, ugly tags all over the once beautiful murals, several new Starbucks cafés where there used to be more indie cafés. Many of the shops I loved are out of business. Maybe it’s just winter fatigue but in spite of all the the good years I lived the Plateau’s style de vie, I don’t think I’d return to live there. In fact, I think it would be impossible with the housing costs these days.


I don’t cook much. In fact, I rarely, rarely cook. I’m not good at it, it bores me, I don’t like to manipulate food and inevitably I make a terrible mess when I’m doing it. But today I decided to take out the slow cooker and put some food in it. Immediately I regretted it. Part of the food I was to pre-sauté on a pan, fell out of the pan and onto the stove burning right into the ceramic. Bad mood followed. Crankiness and despair.

However, one thing can immediately transform my cooking-induced grumpiness: it’s visiting this bookstore.

I could spend a day there.

Used books
Books I found. Can’t get enough of Margaret Drabble
Plateau Mont Royal Mural
Colorful murals of the Plateau, sadly vandalized.

I do miss living in a more lively neighborhood. Especially because going to a café to work is much more accessible than where I am.  The nearest decent cafés are about 20 minutes away on foot or metro, either way it’s a waste of time so I endure my cabin fever until it’s bike season.