Drawing People part II

Continuing with the the topic of drawing people.

We are surrounded by illustration and art. Not all art appeals to us, but if we look at our history we could probably find a common thread of our taste across disciplines, not only in art.

The first coup de foudre that I had in terms of visual art and specifically illustration was in 2010 when I subscribed for one year to The Paris Review.  Issue no. 195 featured a painting by Tina Berning. Up until then I never would have thought to cut up my beloved Paris Review but the image was so powerful that I did. I cut out the image and put it on my journal. Covered it in plastic film. I became obsessed with Tina Berning’s work but I was still very focused on writing and not so much on paying attention to the world of illustration and artistic design.

I’m not a fashion enthusiast for the clothes, but I am for the aesthetic. I’ve mentioned before, one of my biggest inspirations is Karl Lagerfeld and I can watch fashion shows and not be a bit influenced by the fluff or the celebrity culture around it, I am watching for the color, the textures, the lines, the silouhettes, the concepts. I will buy a Vogue Magazine once a year to admire the styling and when it comes to Fashion illustration, I go crazy looking at how effortless it seems.

I love Fashion Illustration, it is one of the expressions that move me the most because I’m a character driven reader and movie goer, and fashion illustration seems to tell a story with just one main character and this character is opening her whole life with just a few lines and shapes.

Obviously I failed at my initial attempts at drawing fashion. I managed to make a couple of decent drawing based heavily on reference images to try to get a feel for proportions and such.

Ink, watercolor and gouache (the cheap stuff)
Fashion illustration II
Pencil sketch vectorized


I realized that it’s not exactly Fashion Illustration I want to draw. I want to create characters. I started the idea of Non-existing female writers, where I would make up a writer and illustrate her, make up a ficticious body of work and a biography. The idea still lingers and one of the first non-existing writers was made on a tiny scrap of watercolor paper.

first piec for a series of non-existing writers

What would her story be? And most of all when you come up with an idea, what medium do you use? Watercolor has been resisting me I feel like I’m about to give it up. I can’t bear to take another class and just see how everything turns to mud on my paper.
Should I try colored pencils? Watersoluble markers?

At least I’m moving away from attempting the perfect pretty face and into some more bold features.

So let’s carry on.

A face, a story
Today’s sketch