Drawing Classes and Resources

These are some of the drawing classes and resources I’ve taken and that have helped me in my practice.

Hand Drawn Graphics Class

Foundation Class Hand Drawn Graphics

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A sample of work I produced after taking this class.

Trends Workshop

Every year Sabina Radeva teaches a workshop about the upcoming Trends. A great resource!


Lecture Lab

What about creativity? Where does it come from? How can you tap into it?

From Craftsy

Travel Sketching in Mixed Media

I have Marc’s book as well. There are so many books about Urban Sketching out there but I’ve found his is the most approachable for me. It also helps that I’ve attended his talks in Montreal and joined him an other Montreal Urban Sketchers in outings. Although Urban Sketching is lower on my list of things to learn, it is the best way to keep drawing at all times because you only need to carry a small sketchbook, a pen and if you must, a small watercolor kit. This class is worth it. Also, keep an eye for sales because Craftsy often slashes prices. At least once a month!

Figure Sketching Made Simple

Ah.. figure sketching. How much I want to be able to capture people in the everyday. This class is fantastic. Within the first two videos my figures went from stick and stiff to flowy, but this doesn’t mean you become good after just two videos! It just breaks you free from trying to draw everything straight. I love Suhita’s accent and she is pretty active answering questions.
Sketching People in Motion


This was the first Craftsy class I purchased and as I mentioned above, Marc’s explanations are very straightforward. His approach is very different from Suhita’s and I found it a little more difficult, but if you combine both, your figure sketching will improve greatly.

Did you know you don’t need all the watercolor tubes in the world?

I took this class earlier in the summer. Kateri Ewing is a master teacher. In this class she teaches how to mix truly transaprent, vibrant and beautiful watercolors with just six colors. And they are not the typical six. She made a very specific change in two of those so you can get those vibrant reds and violets instead of dull, dead purples and burgundys.

Luminous Watercolor by Craftsy

From Creative Live

Creative Live with Molly Hatch

Pattern Design: From Hand to Screen to Surface with Molly Hatch
If you want to learn pattern design and you don’t know anything at all. I recommend this class. Molly Hatch teaches both the manual way to creating a pattern tile, importing it into Photoshop and creating a beautiful entirely hand made pattern. Her techniques are very basic but it allows you to understand exactly how pattern tiles work. After you do this, you can dive into all the other pattern classes out there. You’ll have a good foundation.



Particularly Ohn Mar Win’s classes and Ana Victoria’s.


I find that class production and value so important. I don’t mind paying for classes that will deliver. Of these resources I completely stand by Design Garden’s classes. Although they are the most expensive I swear I wouldn’t have made the progress I’ve made in terms of design, colour mastery and work methods without Sabina’s classes.

In second place, Crafty’s classes are more classical art instruction but their videos are fantastically produced and are just the right combination of art theory and practice unlike other online courses that give you follow-along projects.

Skillshare is for me a way to save time, if I’m looking for a particular skill or I have a question, I will most likely look up a class on Skillshare.

These are affiliate links that give me credits for MORE classes. I don’t get actual money. Please help me maintain my arty habit by clicking on the links.  I’ve taken and completed them all.