Sneek Peek

Drawing a little every day

I’ve been overwhelmed by work. Can’t complain. However I haven’t had time to sit down and draw too much. I did start a new clipart set. The Design Garden course was so full of material that if I don’t put into practice what I learned often enough, I know I will forget.

My drawing is improving, but not so my “business sense”, so I decided to just concentrate making things I want to make.

I’ve embarked on a series of “artisan” sets. All my life I’ve been jealous of people who make things, the potters, the bakers, the jewelers, the tapestry makers, etc. I have a pinterest board devoted to the things I want to learn, and probably won’t actually do, but I keep adding ideas there. It’s different than craft.  It’s no wonder that my first set was a knitting set.

This video left me dreaming for days. Tapestry, who knew.

There are two activities that fascinate me: Book binding and Bread making. Book binding is a little trickier to draw but bread making is coming along nicely.

I am at an impasse with the assignment from the Lecture Lab. I can’t seem to fully form the idea. At first I thought I’d chose the wrong country, Nepal, it overflows with mysticism, tradition and culture, but then again.. all countries do. I just have to focus on one small aspect of it.

Editing the idea is by far the hardest in any creative endeavor.  Spending time with your drawings, moving forward from pencil to ink, the scanning, the composition, all that is new to me, and no amount of reading is going to make me get it right the first time so I might as well do Nepal as a test and then move to another country and do the exercise again.


Despite the amount of work, I spent two hours yesterday at the library. I took a slow walk in the art stacks, I browsed and took a couple of books that caught my eye:


The book Picture This by Molly Bang is an incredible tool exactly for people who are struggling with composition. Color in Graphics reinforces what I learned in Sabina’s color workshop and Court traité de sensations caught me at the first page. It’s a book about feeling and discovering your senses.