Did you stop reading?


I’ve been reading the same book for the last 7 weeks. That’s a new record for not finishing a book. In my defense, it’s a difficult book to read, a little scattered, a lot of personal experiences, a lot of filler text, but among all that, there are incredible pieces of wisdom and advice, especially for beginner artists regarding perfectionism and our obsession with attaining a “likeness” in our paintings and drawings.  I’ll review this eventually.

If this book has taken me 7 weeks, at this rate I might read even less than last year. Do you know the effects in yourself of not reading books?

If you stop reading you will notice the following:

  • Your concentration will plummet.
  • You will constantly search for your words in a conversation.
  • You will lose the trail of what you like to read, like a workout, getting back into it will be difficult.
  • You can’t recommend books.
  • You will begin many, finish few, get discouraged.
  • You will spend more time on the internet.
  • Your mind won’t have anchors and it will be constantly flying around without any substance. Much different from when you read and you ponder one idea that caught your attention, for days.
  • … and the worst of all, you will stop writing.

So this is what happened last year. I can name only three titles of books that I completed and that is like 90% decrease of my reading habit.

Why? Last year was not a typical one. We spent six months of the year abroad, I hardly had any routine and I was heavily invested in drawing and watercoloring. But today, I realized the things I mentioned above and I don’t like it.

I was inspired by the recent video by Solange te parle. She lives in Paris and she realized last year she had stopped feeding on culture. Appalling right? in Paris and not submerging oneself in culture. Well, she gave herself a pretty hefty challenge of 4 movies, 3 books, 2 galleries or museums and one play or live show. I would love to match her ambition but mine is just to read two books a month and try to go to one movie. Of those two books, I must write short reviews either in my book log or in Goodreads.



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Bouffer la culture by Solange te parle.
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