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I have been a fan of Design Sponge for years. Grace and the editors do a brilliant  job at combining design, lifestyle and business with important matters, such as diversity and encouraging local shopping. Certain publications catch my eye every so often but I rarely stick around for long because, yes, I’m interested in the pretty photos, I’m curious about the people, I appreciate beauty and taste but unless I can see it from different perspectives, I don’t quite identify and I move on.

It was a huge honor to be featured in one of my favorite colums: “What’s in your Toolbox”.Design Sponge

It’s really difficult for me to show myself (my face) on the internet. I’m pretty guarded and shy in that respect. However I completely trust Design Sponge, and I was really excited to share what I use every day, where I find inspiration and some of the advice I’ve received.  Annie Werbler was in charge of the article, take a look of all her amazing contributions to DS.

Take a look around the studio and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter, Instagram or through my contact form!

…and the work continues

Today, after a few weeks of running around and feeling like I was getting nothing done, I decided to skip my French class and stay home to paint and experiment.

Good thing because out of nowhere, this semi-storm, a mixture of snow, rain and hail fell from the sky. This is Montreal all right; five minutes later the sun was shining again.

I’m pretty stubborn and I’ve been practicing watercolors like a possessed person. I have been searching for the best combination of paper, paint and brush that gives me the quality I want without breaking the bank. So far, I’m sticking with the tools I wrote about here. However I did add some concentrated watercolors to the mix. I use Dr. Ph Martin. I’d bought some last year in Boston, but I really didn’t know how to use them. They are way too intense, but mixing them with my normal White Nights watercolors, they are working a lot better.


I fussed over this little painting for quite a while, on paper and on Photoshop. The problem being, I still don’t handle watercolor granularity, in which one color will push away another one and thus creating these gradients that I’m not so fond of.

I managed to rescue a few of these with photoshop and put them on a print on Society6.

La Mode d'Hiver

Scanning watercolors is extremely tricky. I’ve yet to decide which paper lends itself the best and with which method.   For many of my paintings I use Canson XL, which is affordable but it has a yellowish tone and the texture is very rough.

For these hats I tried Winsor and Newton Cotman which worked much better. Nothing beats Fabriano Aquarello Cold Pressed, but it’s too pricey. I used it for the Galaxy exercise, it scanned beautifully and I was able to turn it into a pattern. Now I made myself a pencil case!


In the following weeks I will be working exclusively on my comic which is due mid-november.
Comic books are whole different beast, but it’s been years since I wanted to make one. I guess, as usual, the moment arrives when you least expect it.

Be the first to know when I open for commissions again. Plus letters from the path to art and my favorite discoveries.

  1. Oh my, congratulations! I had no idea they had this feature. Your studio looks wonderful, and it’s great that you took the plunge and showed your work to a wider audience :)

    I’m really curious about the possibility of also participating in this feature, so I might drop you a message about that ;)
    Too bad my current studio is nowhere nearly as photogenic haha. Lots of stuff and boxes everywhere!

    • Luisa Fernanda

      Hi Nela,

      Sure, send me an email! This feature was dormant for a while, they recently revived it.

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