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  • Notion App for Artists and Creatives

    Notion for Artists

    Using the Notion App for artists and creatives and Notion Mastery Review

  • Different Mediums, Different Satisfactions

    Sketching pastries

    My favorite art materials. What a task it was to decide! I have a board on Pinterest where I collect images from people’s studios, as well as my wishlist of artifacts and art objects that in my head will create the most magical universe of creation. But none of this matters if I hoard. And […]

  • Saying yes to your ideas

    A head view of the printed Pencil Dogs zine

    I’ve wanted to make a zine for the longest time, but as usual I have been “waiting for the right time, the right topic, the skills, the tools etc.”, and I just didn’t. It went from a small seed to an avalanche of inspiration, to paralysis, to putting it out of my mind until it […]

  • Art in Unexpected Places

    Alter Everything Featured IMage

    Follow my blog on Bloglovin I was hard at work painting a dog, a Shiba Inu to be precise which has been so challenging. They tend to look like a fox if you are not careful with their ears and their fluffy round faces. I have painted her three times and each time she looks […]

  • The Mystery of Unfinished Projects

    Oil pastel abstract

    Some projects have been in my head for most of my life. They have never even set foot outside my skull. Other projects happened without intention or reason, they just took off. Some of the projects that came to life indeed were big, others very tiny, so tiny that I don’t even recognize the effort […]