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  • Saying yes to your ideas

    Saying yes to your ideas

    I’ve wanted to make a zine for the longest time, but as usual I have been “waiting for the right time, the right topic, the skills, the tools etc.”, and I just didn’t. It went from a small seed to an avalanche of inspiration, to paralysis, to putting it out of my mind until it […]

  • Digital vs. Analog illustration (2019)

    Digital vs. Analog illustration (2019)

    An artist I follow asked on Instagram if when drawing digitally (on iPad or other) if it feels like cheating. I just had to comment but then the thought continued all day. To me it does feel like cheating and it shouldn’t. The thing is, I enjoy digital drawing and painting a lot. I remember […]

  • The humble “watercolor process”

    The humble “watercolor process”

    I’ve mentioned Marc Taro, a watercolor artist from Montreal. He is an Urban Sketcher and Fine Artist and I’m a bit obsessed with his most recent watercolor process. I’ve taken his Travel Sketching in Mixed Media class on Craftsy and it is the best explanation I’ve encountered on how to start, progress and make really […]

  • Getting Your First Art Show

    Getting Your First Art Show

    Snow fell for the most part of the day. That soft, fluffy thing. The kind I love. It wasn’t cold. Just a perfect, memorable day. I wasn’t necessarily nervous until about 4:30 when I realized that I was doing my first art show IRL. You may have felt the same at one point: something that […]