How I Take Photos of My Art

How much time have you spent trying to get the photo that will do justice to your artwork?I’ve wasted days. Once I decided I was going to batch-photograph everything against my bedspread, which was off-white. I shot one piece after the other quickly. I Congratulated myself for being so efficient, only to realize upon transferring… Continue reading How I Take Photos of My Art

Visual Journal, Sketchbook, Art Journal or Studies?

Very few of us know consider the different functions of each. If we did, we would probably make better use of our resources and clarify our practice. This is my classification of these different “containers” as I understand them, but by no means you have to keep them all! Sketchbooks A sketchbook isn’t supposed to… Continue reading Visual Journal, Sketchbook, Art Journal or Studies?

Painting With Acrylic Inks

Long before I ever held a brush or even bought a sketchbook, I had a Tumblr where I collected my favourite things. During the Tumblr days, I came across a beautiful sketchbook. It had everything I aspired to learn one day: beautiful painterly strokes, expressive freedom, brief poems. Every page was more than a landscape;… Continue reading Painting With Acrylic Inks

Saying yes to your ideas

I’ve wanted to make a zine for the longest time, but as usual I have been “waiting for the right time, the right topic, the skills, the tools etc.”, and I just didn’t. It went from a small seed to an avalanche of inspiration, to paralysis, to putting it out of my mind until it… Continue reading Saying yes to your ideas