The Instagram Problem

This essay was shared with my newsletter subscribers last week and it resonated so much I decided to publish it here as well The optimism waned almost immediately. A yucky feeling installed itself right above my navel and I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. What do you call this? It’s not sadness nor anxiety. It’s not… Continue reading The Instagram Problem


I’ve been avoiding reading about covid-19. I receive the Quartz newsletter and that’s about all I was able to handle. But today, March 25, 2020. I’m reading about how we got here. Last week was crazy, anxiety inducing, scary. This week is more of the same but at least I know in Canada we are… Continue reading Today

Is Etsy Worth it?

I have been crunching numbers. It’s my least favorite thing to do and as a creator it’s twice as painful because through the corner of my eye I can see my brushes and paints calling me. But I have no choice. The question about dropshippers and POD companies pops up in every artist group I’m… Continue reading Is Etsy Worth it?

Five Things Friday

   The begining of my reconciliation with Yoga. A 30 day journey. For years I said I didn’t like Yoga. I first tried it almost three decades ago in Mexico. The instructor wanted us to take a cold shower before and after the practice and to push our bodies to the max. Needless to say… Continue reading Five Things Friday