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  • You Don’t Need to Find Your Style

    You Don’t Need to Find Your Style

    As artists and illustrators, we constantly talk about style. It seems the most coveted aspect of our practice. We consider it the most important goal when we want to be known or recognized. Well-known artist’s portfolios are cohesive and consistent. We rarely see the steps it took to get there. It’s advantageous, no doubt. A […]

  • Today


    I’ve been avoiding reading about covid-19. I receive the Quartz newsletter and that’s about all I was able to handle. But today, March 25, 2020. I’m reading about how we got here. Last week was crazy, anxiety inducing, scary. This week is more of the same but at least I know in Canada we are […]

  • How I Manage my Time Online

    How I Manage my Time Online

    Raise your hand if you’ve tried to reduce your time online or at least your phone. I know I have. For the longest time.  I hated that I couldn’t do it. I hated that I read all these books about how terrible our technology is for our brains. How our brain pathways are being re-programmed. […]

  • Advice for New Creatives

    Advice for New Creatives

    I find it realistic to say that you will only get good at your craft after a minimum of two years of hard practice. Quantity does not mean quality. If you crank out ten drawings,  maybe one is really good, the others were just warm-ups.The one that is really good, I should make it again […]

  • A Summer Without Instagram (and most Social Media)

    A Summer Without Instagram (and most Social Media)

    By the middle of June I was done. I looked around my studio and felt such overwhelm despite having fulfilled a lifelong dream: a room of my own. Walls full of scraps and notes, images and quotes. Piles of artwork, lots of art material. Tons of sketchbooks. Then I opened my computer and my Trello […]