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Original Art Studio Sale

floral bouquet vines2

I’m thinking about the final scene in the movie You Got Mail. When Meg Ryan stands alone in her empty bookshop after the chain bookstore forces her to close. I always found that scene heartbreaking even if in the realm of rom-coms she hit the jackpot. Any business closure has a bit of sadness. It’s the end of a story and though maybe it’s a simple transition into something else, it feels a like abandonment or a loss.

Being a freelancer or an entrepreneur has a lot of pitfalls. You collect life-lessons along the way and I have collected a lot. The most important one: Follow your instinct not the advice. Don’t give up too soon but also, be aware of sunk costs and make sure you cultivate self-compassion because if you don’t instead of learning you’ll be frustrated and unhappy.

I wrote about this earlier this year and I will share more on my newsletter, about what’s next but for the moment, FlowArte’s existence as a small business has come to an end. The Etsy shop will remain open for a while and I might be inspired to create new legging designs but it won’t be my main focus. I will focus on art and process.

Originals are looking for a new home

Original watercolor paintings are currently on sale in my brand new Etsy shop. All these are one of a kind, single available artworks that are searching for new homes.

Luisa Painting
Original floral pattern

Original art has a certain feel. It comes from someone’s hand, someone’s space, someone’s particular moment to your hands, your space your moment. It becomes part of your world. Choosing an original artwork is as personal as art can get.

The new Etsy shop is simply called Luisa Fernanda Studio. No fluffy brand names, no quirky pseudonyms, just my name which I resisted for most of my life.

I will be adding more work every week so don’t forget to favorite the shop!

Luisa Paints
Floral Bouquet

Paintings will be lovingly packaged and will include one of my Recipes for feeling more, plus little extra things I will include for you.

Floral Bouquet in Watercolor
Original signed art.
Floral Bouquet in Watercolor
Floral Bouquet in Watercolor
Hanging flowers

And lastly, here is my new website. Which I hope is the final destination for all the projects, collaborations and experiments to come.