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Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday FlowArte April


  1.  The begining of my reconciliation with Yoga. A 30 day journey.
    For years I said I didn’t like Yoga.
    I first tried it almost three decades ago in Mexico. The instructor wanted us to take a cold shower before and after the practice and to push our bodies to the max. Needless to say I never went back. Later on, I went to a studio in Montreal and the instructor was far from engaging. I was not able to do the poses while the person beside me was basically standing on her head. Plus the inflexible person that I am just made me proclaim: no, yoga is not for me. I also have very fragile wrists so any downward dog was automatic pain. On an off I’ve tried different versions, videos, DVD’s from the super slow to the crazy power yoga type.
    But since I spent a month sitting in a tiny Airbnb in France my body  becoming a stiff broom, I vaguely remembered someone mentioning Yoga with Adriene and I looked her up.
    She has managed the impossible. I’m starting to like it. It’s almost crazy. I appreciate her super laid back style and of course, her co-teacher Benji is adorable.
  2. Reducing Social Media.
    I decided not to participate in any more challenges, though many have crossed my path and I’d love to take them on, not least the 100 day project. But I knew it was not the right moment for me. I’m currently using an app called Cold Turkey Writer and it’s been a life-saving tool. You enter the number of words or minutes you want to write without interruption and it blocks the entire screen until you complete your goal. You can’t do anything else. If you are a writer, I totally recommend it.
  3. Opening my sketchbook from December.
    The groundwork is there. Sometimes it’s better to work without an intention and then come back to it a few weeks later (or in this case three months) and feel your jaw drop because hey, not everyone has a perfect workflow but you did make progress!
  4. A wander
    My favorite kind. No destination, just pick a direction and go. A couple of years ago I got Keri Smith The Wander Society.  I used to do it regularly until we got Boris. Wandering with him doesn’t get you very far. He needs to sniff and pee on every tree and fence. But Friday I stepped out on to St-Laurent Boulevard and picked a direction up or down. And took off for about two hours. It was freezing but it felt so good.
    5. Reading from my eclectic personal library, from a turn pager to a biography. Books simply contain happy pills.


Five Things Friday

FlowArte Watercolor Trees

A belated Five Things Friday post.

  1. Getting ready.
    We´re going to France for a month. My feelings: I hate the airplane, I love France. Life is surprising. Time for delicious coffee, bread, wine. The challenge in France and particularly in smaller towns is to maintain a plant-based diet. Too much cheese! I hope there is a farmer’s market near where we’ll stay.
  2. I purchased Mark Taro’s latest book. The second I saw his direct watercolor paintings a couple of years ago I was obsessed. He’s my favorite watercolor artist, period. Take a look at his mastery. Thanks to him, I think I’m ready to graduate to fine artist grade paints. One of the biggest myths about watercolor is that you shouldn’t use pigment direct from your tube or paint, that you should mix everything. Well, not if you use paints that are made of two or three pigments. Most fine artists will say, noooo! you can’t you have to use one pigment and mix your own colors. But Marc has taught me (through his blog obviously) that you can use paint direct from the tube, but not just any paint.
  3. I read The Human Predicament by David Benatar. This is the most important book I’ve read in almost twenty years. However, it is a heavy, dark, pessimistic philosophy and not for everyone. After I finished it, the crack in my heart had become a fault. But there is comfort knowing that someone else out there can eloquently say what I’ve been thinking for more than twenty years. After a few days after finishing it, recognizing moments of beauty and spontaneity became easier. This, coupled with my MBSR is giving me a different perspective altogether. Still have a long way to go though.
  4. The second discipline that inspires tremendously besides visual arts is dance. I had the privilege of seeing Margie Gillis’ Viriditas last Friday. I’m still under the enchantment of seeing three women of different ages, express every possible emotion just with their bodies. I sustain that I am a frustrated dancer.
  5. A meditation retreat, though technically this was on Saturday, I’m writing this on Sunday. As an introvert I have no problem spending hours or even days in silence. In fact, that’s how I enjoy being with people the most. The year I did NaNoWriMo, the most productive days were when I joined a writing group where everyone was hunched over their laptops typing away. There is an energy that covers everything when a group of people are doing the same thing in silence. 


Five Things Friday

Green Shake Recipe

Little by little you climb the mountain. Or something like that. As much as it feels like the weeks are like a sneeze and you can’t see them go by, making this Five Things Friday recap will definitely give me some perspective. Especially when it feels (so often now) that I work so much and see so little results. It was comforting, as misery really does love company, to listen to a well known illustrator admit to not having had inquiries during the month of January. She is someone who has gained a lot of popularity on Social Networks.

Is January just slow?

Or am I climbing the wrong mountain?

  1. I confirmed the opening date for my exhibition! It is the first time I will show my work in person. I’m really nervous. All the self-doubt monsters are chanting loudly. It is never easy despite knowing that I’ve made progress that I can allow my work to hang on a wall. It was a wonderful surprise to be asked by this small café in my neighbourhood.


  1. I bought a box of Prismacolors a year ago and I hadn’t used it. See previous post about my clean-up. I decided to give them a go. Be a beginner again. I know nothing about colour pencils and it felt like I was wrangling them into submission. I had a hard time blending and shading. Portraits are becoming a thing for me. I love doing Sktchy portraits in the evening. I love I can sketch real people instead of models from magazines which I started to do waaaay back in 2014 I also prefer Sktchy instead of creating from my imagination because I usually end up drawing the same face over and over.

Sktchy portraits3. A weekend at the cabin. What luxury. No internet, just silence, light and painting. Lots of watercoloring, lots of experimenting in joyful flow. My first incursion into recipe illustration.

Green Shake Recipe

  1. I created a set of four printable Valentine’s cards. Though I know Valentine’s is a double sworded holiday as most holidays are. For some, they are painful reminders to what is missing whether it’s Mother’s day, Father’s day and all the rest. I was inspired particularly this year because of my tenth wedding anniversary. I feel it’s a milestone and as I painted these hearts in different colors I thought about the little things that show love day in day out as opposed as the grand gestures that movies, media and society keep showing us. A simple printed colorful card to acknowledge what we truly value is enough. And it applies to friends, family, significant other, co-workers etc. Blue valentine card

  2. Week three of MBSR showed me how truly one single sitting can leave me feeling refreshed. I tried the meditation stool which is definitely my preferred way of sitting in a  “dignified” position as my instructor says. I haven’t practiced as much as I should, I italicize because obviously that is a thought that comes like a Pacman to eat at my experiences.


Five Things Friday

Watercolor Droplets by FlowArte


  1. There are words in the English language because they are so precise. You don’t need additional articles or pronouns to illustrate a state. One such word is “disarray”. I sit here on Friday afternoon looking at my office/studio, the mess, the chaos. Simply untameable. Every time I get up from my chair I look around and the feeling of impossibility takes over. How will I ever be organized or get everything done?
  2. I started the MBSR program. I am going to be meditating each week. During the first session they asked us to reflect on Why we were there. The instructor kept repeating the question and every time I had a different answer until one floated in my mind and stayed there: To stop battling with the way things are. Especially in the world and my surroundings. Like getting angry at my neighbor because he loves to use his snowblower. This ties into what I wrote recently in my newsletter about attention.
  3. Transitioning into plant-based eating. Thanks to Veganuary I am now really making an effort. On Sunday I walked 50 minutes in the cold to go get diary-free products like “yogurt” and cream “cheese”. Made a fabulous soup  and a vegan bolognese pasta, despite my cooking challenges. The change has made me feel so good emotionally.
  4. I flipped through the pages of a sketchbook I started at the beginning of 2017. I’d used about 15 pages only and I drew a portrait on page 16. If you ever doubt that you are getting better at your art, try that. Get an old sketchbook and draw in the next available blank page and then flip through it. Boom! Confirmation that you have made huge progress.
  5. I lost my Photoshop Presets, my Spotify playlists, my favorite podcast app stopped working… so I make new playlists, new presets and I discover new podcasts.

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