None of “practicing more”


I’m impatiently waiting to finish a class I want to write about here. Finishing that class involves much more than just checking it off my list like hundreds of others. Something is happening. It has to do with witnessing in myself things I refused to see before, hiding behind the “practicing more until I’m ready”.… Continue reading None of “practicing more”

Types of creatives

As I was avoiding large chunks of ice on my way home last night, I thought of a classification for creatives. So far I’ve come with four: Creatives that have been practicing their art, discipline or craft since they were very young. Creatives that experienced a difficult episode in their life and used art or craft to… Continue reading Types of creatives


I’m in transition. It’s a softer way to say I’m in between jobs. I’ve never been unemployed in my life. This new status is bizarre and at the same time full of opportunity but my darky brain doesn’t want to see it that way. Thus I don’t sleep. I wait to hear back, I wait… Continue reading Transitions

Did you stop reading?

  I’ve been reading the same book for the last 7 weeks. That’s a new record for not finishing a book. In my defense, it’s a difficult book to read, a little scattered, a lot of personal experiences, a lot of filler text, but among all that, there are incredible pieces of wisdom and advice,… Continue reading Did you stop reading?

Mon carnet de poche

In the age of digital I still love notebooks too much. Like books, it’s difficult to not be attracted to the beauty of a bound paper object. The problem is when I buy notebook after notebook and they just linger in a box. I’m always saving them for the “big idea”.  And when big ideas… Continue reading Mon carnet de poche

Artists and Self-Compassion

Surface Pattern Design

Impatience, scatterdness, information overload, learning, learning, learning.Who has time for creativity or even a little self-compassion when you can’t do it all? One day off, but we need to do errands, clean house, eat, clean kitchen, eat again, clean kitchen again. Load the washer, fold the clothes, put them away. You see a spider in… Continue reading Artists and Self-Compassion

This isn’t Creativity Advice

I found the most delicious shade of violet and blue!

Somewhere in the last couple of years, I decided I wouldn’t wait anymore for the “time to be right”. And it wasn’t some sort of creativity advice that along the lines of “just do it”. We all know the deepest desires are sprinkled all over our history. If you go into your journals, your blogs,… Continue reading This isn’t Creativity Advice

Fear of the new sketchbook

Yesterday I went to Montpellier with a very specific mission: to buy a wonderful sketchbook for my visit to Florence at the end of August. Getting to Montpellier isn’t very adventurous but it is a bit of a long ride. I wanted to visit Le Géant des Beaux Arts, a fabulous Fine Arts chain store… Continue reading Fear of the new sketchbook

Showing Your Art

“I’m afraid you have talent” said my shrink. As she let out an uncomfortable little laugh. I’d shown her a photo my second-ever painting. The painting depicted a young woman holding back her head as she’s tying a headscarf. She’s in NY City walking down a graffiti splattered street. The woman looks like she’s holding… Continue reading Showing Your Art