A yellow rose in a purple background, watercolor and gouache

No Modem Sunday #3

I was listening to a podcast this afternoon about a creative business owner who took a long internet break from her business. It got me thinking how my generation was the last one to have known a world without Internet, at least without it’s “normal” […]

Mixed media testing

Modem-Less Sundays

Aren’t you a bit tired of reading how bad it is to be tethered to your devices all day and seemingly not being able to do anything about it? It’s like any habit forming or habit breaking climb. You name it: quitting sugar, quitting coffee, […]

Golden doodle watercolor illustration

Oh Dog!

The deposit had been made. We were going to get ourselves a Border Collie. We researched breeders and we found one who checked all the boxes: member of an association, approved by the provincial laws, etc, etc. But a month before the puppies were born, […]

A head view of the printed Pencil Dogs zine

Saying yes to your ideas

I’ve wanted to make a zine for the longest time, but as usual I have been “waiting for the right time, the right topic, the skills, the tools etc.”, and I just didn’t. It went from a small seed to an avalanche of inspiration, to […]

Is Etsy Worth It?

Is Etsy Worth it?

I have been crunching numbers. It’s my least favorite thing to do and as a creator it’s twice as painful because through the corner of my eye I can see my brushes and paints calling me. But I have no choice. The question about dropshippers […]

Watercolor Hare by FlowArte

New Watercolor Work

Back in February I decided to take a break from FlowArte and watercolor. Being self-taught, finding a style has been quite difficult. I love it all! I love pencil, crayons, ink, collage etc. So I went on a tangent and gave free reign to whatever […]