Blog inspiration

I got flowers for Valentine’s day. Normally we aren’t big on Valentine’s. But there is something very magical about getting flowers. A sign of appreciation that doesn’t go unnoticed. Plus, it’s winter, flowers in winter are so welcome. They inspire just by being there.

There are few blogs that inspire me these days. You might say I’m nuts because if there is something in abundance today is the avalanche of “inspiring” images in websites, in instagram, in pinterest. There is no end.

My problem is the lack of authenticity. Everything looks so staged and artificial. Like a House and Garden magazine. So when I find a blog that actually feels like a blog, I can’t wait for the person to post. Normally the authors of these blogs tune their virtual spaces to their personalities and not the other way around. What these writers bring to me, is the hope that you can create something that feels like you, create a stream of revenue and do it in a dignified way.

What does this mean?

  1. Their voice is unique and they don’t compromise on the topics they want to talk about.
  2. They have been blogging for many, many years.
  3. They are prudent with what they share and how.
  4. They don’t scream on social media all the time.
  5. They are working online but also offline.
  6. They don’t glamourize a lifestyle.

So today I want to share those blogs, some are more silent than others but I jump at the opportunity to read whenever they do post.

Pugly Pixel
Esme Wang*
Fluent Self
Molly Gaudry
Mirabile Dictu
Movement Muse
Villanelle (This blog has been silent and I keep waiting for her to come back.)

*Esme’s blog has changed a lot and it will continue to change. But in the sea of blogs devoted to online courses and programs, she is an exceptional writer. I always enjoy her posts. Especially this one.

Do you have blogs that you  recommend?