Best Classes for Learning Digital Art with Analog Feel

Abstract Art on iPad Pro

Do you have an iPad with Procreate installed? If you do, you might have begun the wonderful journey towards digital art. If you are a beginner or a seasoned Procreate user, there is always something to learn.

Regardless of the your style digital art can open a million creative doors.

You can use it for creating final works such as:

  • Graphic art
  • Surface Pattern designs
  • Infographics
  • Comic books
  • Illustrated Picture Books
  • Up to 18 x 24 artworks (depending on your iPad model)

But you can use it as a sketchbook to create:

  • Preparatory sketches
  • Colour studies
  • Sketching practice
  • Composition studies

I mostly use it as the second option. I tend to create studies that I will then translate into works on paper.

Here are some examples or my own work. I seek to create the feeling of traditional media and so I collect brushes that are helpful for that, however remember that the tool does not an artist make! You can make wonderful art with your finger if you have the sensibility and something to say.

As with traditional media, of you want to get a true analog feel, you need a few supplies like finding good digital textured paper and a few brushes.


My ultimate pencil box continues to be Pencil Box for Procreate, I use this all the time. It was recently updated for Procreate 5 and there are a few new goodies if you like to draw in a scribbly style.

Abstract Acrylic Smears, these are to be used sparsely to add a transparency or a detail. They are blobby and delicious and they print so well!

Procreate Watercolour Kit, I mentioned this before, I continue to use it daily. It is so magical. I mostly create abstract work with these and combine it with other brushes, but if you are into traditional watercolour, you can’t get a better kit. It includes a beautiful textured paper that makes it realistic and subtle.

A recent purchase that I’m loving is Painterly Brushes for Procreate. It launched me back into painting and drawing abstracts. I recently printed one of my works and the quality is unmatched. Although I used a mix of brushes including the two mentioned above.

Abstract Art made in iPad Pro.
The Middle Storm, Luisa Nino, Digital Art 2021


Traditional Drawing Techniques with Procreate: This is a lovely class which will help you harness the traditional aesthetic. With a mixture of line and texture, plus some basic brushes, the possibility of creating beautiful drawings is right at your fingertips.

Illustrated Portraits with Procreate: Learn how to use blend modes, create textures, bring them into the app and make beautiful images. The skills in this class will serve you beyond just portraits!

Introduction to Illustrated Printmaking with Procreate: You might have seen (or not!) that I’m currently in a monoprinting frenzy, and once you start with monoprinting you also want to try Risoprinting, serigraphy, etching and all the rest. Alas, I have no space or resources to take on that so this class shows the techniques to achieve that printmaking feel.

Classic Girl Portrait, Luisa Nino 2021, Digital Art

If you are looking for the traditional aesthetic in the digital world, it’s absolutely possible.

If you are wondering about whether you should learn one or the other I wrote a blog post about my thoughts.

Lately though, I have reconciled the idea that the iPad is my favourite sketchbook. All my studies are done in the iPad, then, when I’m ready, I recreate them on paper with mixed media. The best of both worlds!

Is this analog or digital?

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