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Luisa Nino founder of flowarte
Hey! I’m Luisa

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On Sale: The Creative Independence Guide

FlowArte Creative Guide

Find your subject matter. Stop looking at other people’s work, dig into what fascinates you, what catches your attention and how to weave it into your work.

Part workbook, part inspiration, part research. This e-book encompasses the work I did to add interest and imagination to my work.

On sale: $15 (Regular price $19)

FlowArte Studio

Access to everything

With only one tier, you have access to my studio. Drawing demos, chatty sketchbook tours, and videos about what I’m working on with commentary on process such as this one.

Best Classes for Learning Illustration

My most recommended classes to level up your skills

I’ve taken all these classes. Each one gave me a tip or technique I wouldn’t have discovered on my own. Even if it’s not your medium, you will learn something about colour, composition, inspiration or discover artists new and old to learn from

The Studio Chronicles

Every month I hand-write the newsletter on a composition book.
Then I type it up and fill it with delicious discoveries to keep you artistically nourished.

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