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I was hard at work painting a dog, a Shiba Inu to be precise which has been so challenging. They tend to look like a fox if you are not careful with their ears and their fluffy round faces.

I have painted her three times and each time she looks cute but each time she looks different. I know that if I wanted an exact likeness, I would simply take a picture, print it and frame it. Painting is an interpretation and so I persevere in capturing something…

In this case it’s the solemnity of her gesture. A dog who is completely Zen. Who has an almost meditative look on their face. But I have not gotten there yet.

The palette however and the bits of cards and notes, quotes, thoughts that populate my workspace were calling. So I went and cropped my palette, I took one of my mantras and scribbled it with a brush on a card. Glued it smack in the center (oh rules!) and then smeared some more paint on it.

Then I stuck it up on my wall. It’s today’s art piece: Alter Everything. A good reminder for when you are trying to depict instead of express. Surrounding it is a piece by Lino, a postcard about individualism, and my patron saint Charlie Brown.

Alter Everything Moodboard.

When you look at the things you discard in pursuit of perfection, rescue them. Let them guide you and make something for yourself. This is part of my quest for recovering the joy of making without rushing to post on social media. Instead, I’m posting on my online journal. I’m clinging to old school (while I can).

Are you always in “must create perfect pieces” mode or do you let yourself go on a tangent?

By Luisa Fernanda

Artist, Illustrator, Cruelty-Free Advocate. Notion Geek.