Flowarte is a Studio of Possibility

Created by Luisa Fernanda Niño, an artist and writer living in Montreal Canada.

team member

This space exists to defend, protect and nourish Creative Independence in a time of too much information, exposure and not enough reflection.

I believe that creative independence is essential for our well-being

I work to foster a different path to art for self-taught, later-in-life and recovering "hustle" artists.

Allow you to let a sigh of relief, like when you've been rushing and you arrive to a resting spot, your pace slows and you finally feel you are in the right path. You are moving forward but you are not out of breath.

I want artists to feel seen, heard, understood and supported.

That you and your work are necessary for your own wellbeing above all.

In Flowarte I help you by offering

Thoughful mini e-books and guides.

Sharing my own personal practice on Patreon through essays, videos, exercises and conversation, as I continue my own path.

And limited mentoring spots.

I'm so happy you are here.

Tove Jansson said:

"I’ve got to become free myself if I’m to be free in my painting"

With this thought in mind I created the Guide to Creative Independence

Explore the Art Tools
Luisa Nino of FlowArte

Some tidbits:

  • I love stripes
  • My collection of journals and letters by literary figures makes me proud. In my collection I have the journals of Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Kafka, Susan Sontag, Anais Nin, Erica Jong, Alejandra Pizarnik and so many more I forget.
  • I’m quite solitary and I’m never bored.
  •  No children, but we have a pup. The cutest in the world.
  • Favorite podcasts: Public Intellectual  and The Jealous Curator.
  • I have spasmodic dysphonia which makes it hard to speak at times, but once people get used to it, a good conversation is my favourite thing.
  • I’m trilingual: French, Spanish and English
  • I wholeheartedly support the LGBT community, the BIPOC communities as well as animal rights.
  • I love to engage with critical thinking humans.
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