About Luisa

Luisa Nino • Watercolor Artist and Illustrator
This is me, au naturel. 45 years old with great Mexican genes that save me from wrinkles but not so from grey hair. Summer 2018.

Water dictates, Color writes.

I’m Luisa, a watercolor artist and illustrator living in Montreal, Canada.

I’m a curious monster and it’s this curiosity that allows me to create paintings and illustrations in a variety of styles. I have come to terms that I cannot settle on one.

Fortunately my eye carves out images instead of following traditional methods and they come alive with the help of water, color, paper, Photoshop, pen, ink, brush-pens, graphite, color pencils, scissors, glue and a whole lot of inspiration.

I am open for commissions and I design pretty things.

Here’s a sample of my work

When not painting I spend a vast amount of time reading and learning about privacy and animal rights, death as something natural, the state of the world, and talking non-stop with my husband about these things (my husband is a mindfulness researcher so he can be in the moment and then happily go on to the next one after my existential babble.)

I work part-time as an online presence consultant for small businesses. I take care of the overall web presence, social networks and make sure e-commerce runs smoothly. I also LOVE to help new entrepreneurs with awesome humanist projects but no tech skills to take-off online, saving them hours and hours of research, trials-and-errors and overall frustration with technology.

Curious about anything else?

Feel free to get in touch via the Contact Form or
old-fashioned email: luisa (at) flowarte.com

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