About Luisa

Hi! I’m Luisa Niño, alias FlowArte.

I’ve been in love with the word Flow all my life, because it represents constant change, the opposite of stillness but definitely not rushing.

Flow is like the perfect pace. Where one feels life happening but we don’t dwell too long on a memory or episode. 

We see the years go fast but calmly. 

Watercolour flows and this is why it’s my medium of choice, it offers that unexpectedness that life is about.

Any colour can come to life if you mix it right, it can tell your story: from a photo, a work of art or nature, this is what opens the door, to create limited edition garments with unique watercolour art. 

Every piece begins as a hand-painted watercolor design. Then, through the magic of textile printing, it becomes a multipurpose skirt, silk scarf or pair of leggings.

I live in Montreal, Canada. All my garments are painted, designed and made here. No overseas labor.

Montreal is a multicultural place where the word eclectic takes a new dimension. 

Was I always a painter? 

No, I’m a post-librarian. Ex-bookseller, half web developer. Eternal creative wanderer.

My tools

I talk about my tools and inspiration at length in Design Sponge’s column:

What’s in your Toolbox.