About Luisa

Hi! I'm Luisa Niño, alias FlowArte.

I've been in love with the word Flow all my life, because it represents constant change, the opposite of stillness but definitely not rushing.

Flow is like the perfect pace. Where one feels life happening but we don't dwell too long on a memory or episode. 

We see the years go fast but calmly. 

When things flow, everything seems easier: moments, conversation, creation, even in the presence of obstacles, it's all part of the flow of things.

Watercolour flows and this is why it's my medium of choice, it offers that unexpectedness that life is about. Any colour can come to life if you mix it right and this is what opens the door for me, to create custom garments with unique watercolour art. 

I live in Montreal, Canada, a multicultural place where the word eclectic takes a new dimension. I speak English, French and Spanish. I love to draw, paint and design. I have a BA in Marketing and a Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies from McGill University.

Luisa Nino Montreal


My tools

I talk about my tools at length in Design Sponge's column What's in your Toolbox.



When I'm not drawing and painting...

I love to read, watch British TV series and learn as much as I can.

I like to do Essentrics, move my body every change I get, watch movies about the past and avoid movies about the future. I love to take long walks with my dog, or should I say, walks that seem long because he keeps yanking me back to that tree we just passed...

One of my worst habits is borrowing a ton of books from the library and reading only one. This makes me a camel, hauling a huge book bag to and fro.

But who can resist?

I don't like to cook (I thank my lucky stars my husband does!) but I find cleaning the kitchen extremely relaxing.

You can also follow me on Instagram: @_flowarte and you can also contact me through the little floating bubble on this website!