About Luisa

Flow Arte is the creative studio of Luisa Fernanda Nino.

Luisa was born in Mexico and currently lives in Montreal, Canada. The story is long and full of detours.

As a hypersensitive introvert with a voice of glass, but a fantastic listener, she has spent possibly 80% of her free time in some sort of creative activity: writing, collaging, curating music, playing guitar, participating in many challenges including: NaNoWriMo, Inktober and 100 day projects.  NaNoWriMo was completed. 55,000 words live in a file somewhere.

It was in 2014 when after many bumps and attempts to find a job where all her skills could be useful, her husband had a sabbatical and in preparation for the months to be spent in France, she bought a small watercolor kit.

Two seconds after putting watercolor to paper and seeing the first blends occur, her brain did a summersault and became obsessed.

During the three months in France, she spent almost every single day learning how to draw and paint.

Her first sketchbook was a disaster:

Circa May 2014

Three years later, after working as a freelance web developer by day, she decided to put all her energy into watercolor. Not an easy feat since she has to, you know, show her work and talk to people but she has found that by maintaining her “self” in tune with who she’s always been, instead of trying to fit in, things flow and so, Flow Arte was born.

Floral Explorsion Flowarte

Tools, Books and Resources

For Painting

Here is a run down of the materials I use to create my paintings:

I also favor Strathmore 400 Series.

For more precise realistic watercolor, such as glazing and layering, I don’t need expensive paper, the canson XL series will work perfectly well.


I pay for Photoshop CC, Creative Cloud Package.

I have an Epson Perfection V370.

Favorite Books


When one says “I’m self taught”, we’re not being accurate. I have taught myself watching other people’s techniques.

You can find a list of classes I’ve completed on this page.


I talk about my tools and inspiration at length in Design Sponge’s column:  What’s in your Toolbox.

Curious about anything else?

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