Hello, I’m Luisa

Luisa Fernanda

I’m so happy to have you here!

 I draw, paint, illustrate, write and collage. I live in Montreal, Canada with my husband and my dog Boris.

My story

I was a marketer and web designer before I became a visual artist. I totally believed I could not draw. I loved illustrated books like The Principles of Uncertainty, artsy graphic novels, zines and animal illustrations but I never attempted to draw. In 2014,  my husband had a sabbatical and we went to France for three months. While I was doing last minute shopping before our departure, I bought a cheap set of watercolors. I wet my brush and I was hooked. I was 41.

Luisa Painting an owl

I’ve always loved to teach myself things. I usually take a couple of classes and then I piece together additional skills I want to have. In this way I’ve learned to play a guitar, to code, to knit. I’ve learned digital marketing, e-commerce and many different software applications so it was clear that I could teach myself how to draw.

The first book I got was “You can draw in 30 days” and I completed all the exercises in the book. Then I bought Sketchbook Skool’s Beginnings and from there on I haven’t stopped.

Until I fell into the trap

I tried to monetize my art and I got lost in the “what would sell” instead of “what I want to make”. Needless to say, a  lot of sadness and frustration ensued. Much energy and time was lost until summer of 2019 when I started to see my path.

I was conflicted about not having formal art education. I have a BA in Marketing and an MA in Librarianship and yet, it seemed that I was still lacking legitimacy.

By accident I stumbled on an interview with Beatrice Allemagna (in French), a celebrated prize winning children’s book illustrator in which she said she’s completely self-taught and proud of it.

Wild flowers by Flowarte

This moment was when I finally embraced my ability of being a self-taught artist too.


I’m encouraging self-taught artists to embrace the daily possibility of art. To be free, spacious, open with your creativity. To watch ourselves evolve. Mostly, to trust the process.

A few more bits.

My studio is not that jaw-dropping environment that we see in YouTube studio tours. It looks a bit more like this.

My values

I believe: my work should be a faithful reflection of who I am and not anyone else.

I recognize those who came before me and from who I learned.

To cultivate humility and not ego

Work with respect and inclusiveness

Being involved locally

Do no harm

Encouraging others to pursue art as a faithful reflection of themselves.

Curious about anything else?

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Palette, brush and pencil


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