Sketching pastries

Flowarte is a Studio of Possibility

Hello! I’m Luisa, I’m a writer, artist and creativity mentor.

Welcome to my studio.

In Flowarte I aim to live the life of art and help others do so with as little suffering as possible.

I want us to feel understood and supported in the midst of all the possible and noisy avenues available.

Flowarte helps you by offering:

  • Thoughful mini e-books and guides.
  • Sharing my own personal practice on Patreon through essays, videos, exercises and conversation, as I continue my own path.
  • An intimate Online Artist Residence to help you focus intently on a project that won’t leave your mind

If you’d like to get in touch, I reply to every email: luisa@flowarte.com

Tove Jansson said:

“I’ve got to become free myself if I’m to be free in my painting”
With this thought in mind I created the Guide to Creative Independence

Luisa Nino founder of flowarte
Never bother with the hair.

I’m Luisa, I live in Montreal, Canada with my husband and my pup.

When I’m not drawing, I am reading, making clay figurines or listening to podcasts.

I recommend Public Intellectual, Thinking Aloud and Start the Week.

I love writing letters, I’m a Notion enthusiast and I’m learning about ethical marketing.